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Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area

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Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area

The week ending June 11, 2024, brought forth a mix of highs and lows as restaurants in the Chattanooga area underwent their routine health inspections. These inspections are conducted twice a year by health departments in Hamilton County, Catoosa County, and Walker County. The volumes of results have been intriguing indicating a broad spectrum of performance recorded by eateries in the region.

The Grading System

Eateries in the region are assessed on a 100-point grading scale. Falling below a score of 70 prompts mandatory corrective measures. Any restaurant failing to meet the required standards has to brace itself for re-inspection. It’s important to note that the presented scores are original and do not consider any on-the-spot adjustments that sometimes lead to upward adjustments.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The highlight of the week, surprisingly, was that no restaurant reported a complete failure. Nevertheless, few culinary establishments had to face the music. 1885 Grill on St. Elmo Ave, in particular, managed a borderline score of 76. Hot on their heels were Street Quesadilla on E. 12th St and Taqueria Antigua Guatemala on E. Main St with scores of 88, each.

The Dream on Glass St, Hennen’s on Chestnut St, and Rafael’s Italian Restaurant in Ringgold Georgia, scored 89 each, offering some solace to their patrons.

Middle of the Range Performers

The middle range of the score spectrum saw several contenders, marking the consistency in maintaining set standards. The Grind Coffee Shop, Hampton Inn & Suites, and Home Bar shared the same rating of 91. Other notable scores included Dockside Café, Cook Out, Miller’s Ale House, and Signal Mountain Pool Concessions with each receiving a commendable score of 93.

Extraordinary Accolades

Scoring high on the health department scale, over two dozens eateries recorded scores of 95 and above. El Agave Mexican Grill & Cuisine, Rodizio Grill, and Station House bagged a noteworthy score of 95. Cakemakers Etc, District 3 Hotel, and Hotel Bo achieved remarkable ratings of 97. In the high-performance category, Abuelitas Seasons and Cherry Street Tavern stood tall by scoring 99.

The Perfect Scores

Deserving a special mention are those restaurants that attained impeccable scores of 100. JT’s Burger Box, Kona Ice, Lois’s Restaurant, and London Bridge Child Care were amongst the eateries that scored the perfect 100. This commendable accomplishment bodes well for Chattanooga’s gastronomic scene, reaffirming its commitment towards maintaining top-notch hygiene and health standards.

For those who wish to file health-related complaints, the health departments in the respective locales can be contacted:

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department: 423-209-8110.
Catoosa County Health Department: 706-406-2030.
Walker County Health Department: 706-639-2574.

This is indeed an important exercise, ensuring eateries maintain optimal health standards, considering customer safety their paramount responsibility.

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