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Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in Chattanooga Area for Week Ending April 30, 2024: An Overview

Restaurant rating comparison chart.

Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in Chattanooga Area for Week Ending April 30, 2024: An Overview

Chattanooga Area Takes its Food Safety Seriously

The Hamilton County, Catoosa County, and Walker County health departments conduct biannual inspections of restaurants and businesses in the Chattanooga area, grading them on a 100-point scale. Any establishment scoring below 70 points is required to take corrective measures. Furthermore, any restaurant failing to meet the essential standards is subjected to a re-inspection.

The scores given are initial ones and do not take into consideration any on-the-spot adjustments, which can occasionally lead to increased marks. For anyone wanting to submit a health-related complaint, they can contact the respective health departments at their contact numbers.

Scores for the Week Ending April 30 2024: A Synopsis

For the week ending April 30, 2024, no reported failures were noted, which speaks volumes about the stringent checks in place and the commitment of restaurant owners to adhere to safety norms. Nevertheless, some establishments scored on the lower side, while others proudly scored in the high 80s and low 90s.

Choo-Choo BBQ Smokehouse, located on 9070 Highway 58, scored a disappointing 79 points while Fernando’s on 5308 Ringgold Road managed to inch closer to the acceptable standard with a score of 80. El Trio Mexican Restaurant, well situated on 2643 N. Highway 27, Unit B, LaFayette, Ga, achieved a healthier score of 82.

Kids Rock on 4108 Bennett Road, Asarum (Mobile) on 421 Glenhill Drive, KFC on 2501 S. Broad St., and Haiku Hibachi on 5318 Ringgold Road garnered scores in the mid- to upper-80s, reminding Chattanoogans that food sanitation remains an integral part of their dining experiences.

Leading the pack in this week’s inspections were The Epicurean Restaurant at 4301 Ringgold Road, Mr. T’s Pizza at 3924 Tennessee Ave., and Title, each boasting commendable scores of 90. The high marks reflect these establishments’ painstaking attention to cleanliness and overall safety protocol adherence.

Conclusion: A Dynamic Food Safety Landscape

The week of April 30, 2024, brought an eclectic mix of scores with diverse dining options under the lens. Even though there were minor variances in the score range, the Chattanooga area presented a compelling case for its seriousness towards food hygiene and safety. Food enthusiasts and the community-at-large can rest assured that their health and well-being remain of paramount importance to the health department and all food establishments in the region.

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