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Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area, Week Ending April 16, 2024

Clean vs Dirty Kitchens

Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports in the Chattanooga Area, Week Ending April 16, 2024

By HERE News Network

Best and worst restaurant health grades

In the week ending April 16, 2024, health departments in Hamilton County, Catoosa County, and Walker County inspected local restaurants, grading them on a 100-point scale. Any eatery scoring less than 70 requires corrective measures and are subject to reinspection if they fail to meet the critical standards. The initial scores do not reflect immediate changes, which occasionally result in increased scores.

If you wish to report a health-related complaint, the respective health departments can be contacted. For Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department, dial 423-209-8110. For Catoosa County Health Department, the number is 706-406-2030. For Walker County Health Department, 706-639-2574 is the contact number.

Restaurants Scores

No failures were reported for the week ending April 16, 2024, however, some establishments did register below-average scores.

Below-average Score

Dubs Place, on Dayton Blvd, scored 71 on its inspection. Noticeable issues included an employee handling ready-to-eat foods without gloves; inadequate date marking; and burgers being sold undercooked with no consumer advisory conspicuous in the facility or on menus. Kitchen issues such as unlabeled spray bottles, one of which was pointed at clean dish storage and standing water in a two-door reach-in unit were also noted. Hygiene infractions also included food stored on the floor, poorly stored utensils, and poor repair conditions on various kitchen equipment. Accumulated debris was found on the potato slicer, microwave handle, and floor in front of the three-compartment sink.

Health and Safety – Top Priority for Restaurants

Restaurant health inspections are conducted twice a year to ensure establishments uphold health and sanitary regulations. In the instance that a restaurant scores 70 or less, they are required to take corrective action and are subject to re-inspection. The restaurants are informed of their initial score and given the opportunity to make corrections on-the-spot, which many times leads to score adjustments.

Regardless of the scored rating, immediate action is required from eateries falling short of high standards or displaying questionable conditions that lead to a score below 70. These measures assure that dining operations in the Chattanooga area remain appealing, safe, and sanitary for the public. For all restaurants, maintaining a healthy environment is not only imperative for public safety but also crucial for the establishment’s reputation.

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