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Chattanooga Loses American Queen River Cruises as Company Seeks Buyer

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Chattanooga Loses American Queen River Cruises as Company Seeks Buyer

American Queen Voyages Halts Operations

Chattanooga, Tennessee — River cruising in Chattanooga has received a significant blow as American Queen Voyages announces a halt of operations. Most known for its iconic paddleboat riverboat, it has been a major player in the riverfront cruises scene for years. The company recently shared a notice on its website stating that all their future river cruises have been suspended as they seek a potential buyer for their assets. This abrupt cancellation includes their popular cruises on Tennessee River with stops at Chattanooga’s Ross’s Landing, much to the dismay of potential passengers.

Struggling Against Aftermath of Pandemic

The company cites the ongoing and lasting impact of Covid-19 as the main reason for its financial woes, stating, “Despite great efforts by our team, crew, and partners, American Queen Voyages, unfortunately, has been unable to rebound from the effects of the pandemic.” The once-thriving overnight cruise industry has dramatically changed due to altered travel preferences, becoming financially unsustainable for smaller operators like American Queen Voyages. Therefore, the company decided to put its business operations on hold indefinitely.

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