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Early Morning Shooting Outside of Apartment Complex Sparks Investigation

Media interviewing witnesses outdoors.

Early Morning Shooting Outside of Apartment Complex Sparks Investigation

Chattanooga, Tennessee Witnesses Another Case of Gun Violence

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Residents of an apartment complex on Wilson Street started off their day with a shocking incident. A shooting took place early Thursday morning, giving the quiet city a rude jolt. Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) promptly arrived at the scene on the 2300 block of Wilson Street after receiving a distress call related to gun violence.

The area was promptly cordoned off, and the residents were informed to stay indoors. While details are still emerging, HERE News can confirm that the incident occurred outside the Bayberry Apartment complex.

Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

The victim of the shooting has sustained injuries, but they are thankfully non-life-threatening as confirmed by medical professionals onsite. The investigation is still in progress and much about the incident, including the identity of the victim, and the assailant remains unknown at this time.

Police Response and Community Safety

The Chattanooga Police Department was quick to respond, highlighting the readiness of our city’s law enforcement in maintaining public safety and their fierce commitment to safeguard the community. The spectacle of the early morning chaos has since settled, but the investigation continues.

HERE News is assured by the Chattanooga Police Department that they are doing everything in their power to quickly apprehend the suspect(s) involved in the shooting. The reasons behind the shooting are still unknown, and the CPD is urging anyone with information to come forward.

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