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Victim Shot in Checkout Line; Suspect Now in Custody

Crime scene investigation aftermath.

Victim Shot in Checkout Line; Suspect Now in Custody

Arrest Updates

A dramatic arrest unfolded on May 3rd related to a shocking incident that occurred at a Chattanooga convenience store on April 11th. The victim was holding his 2-year-old child when he was senselessly shot in the back. Surveillance video helped identify the alleged perpetrator, 29-year-old Geonta Gaines. Chattanooga law enforcement authorities have now taken Gaines into custody.

The Incident

On April 11th, at the local Chattanooga Food Mart on 600 Tunnel Boulevard, the unthinkable took place. As we previously reported, the victim was standing in the checkout line with his spouse and their toddler when an individual approached them. This nightmare was captured on the store’s surveillance camera video. This footage shows Gaines putting a gun to the victim’s back, and firing a shot.

The terrifying video then shows the suspect attempting to shoot other customers and the victim’s wife before speeding away from the scene.

Crumbling Down

Gaines’ hideout, merely two blocks from the crime scene, was swiftly located by Police. Here, the empty getaway car was also found. Authorities established this address to be Gaines’ residence.

The investigation took a turn when a female indvidual contacted the detectives claiming she had received a call from a man expressing remorse for the convenience store incident. Law enforcement officials traced back the phone call and pieced together information that positively identified Gaines as both the caller and the prime suspect.

Furthermore, the vehicle displayed in the surveillance footage was found to belong to one of Gaines’ family members, strengthening the case against him.

Justice Served

Members of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, after a thorough investigation and careful evaluation of evidence, arrested Gaines on Thursday, 2nd May. He now faces multiple grave charges, including three counts of attempted first degree murder and reckless endangerment.

At this time, the condition of the victim remains unknown. However, sources have confirmed that he had indeed survived the terrifying shooting incident.

A Plea for Information

Meanwhile, the Chattanooga Police Department has launched an appeal for further information related to the incident. The department urges anyone with pertinent knowledge of the event to come forward and dial 423-643-5100. The public’s assistance could possibly shine more light on this shocking crime.

Stay Tuned

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