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Chattanooga State Champions Non-Traditional Student Success, Inducts 26 Into Spire Honor Society

Diverse group achieving success.

Chattanooga State Champions Non-Traditional Student Success, Inducts 26 Into Spire Honor Society

Non-traditional students get their due recognition at ChattState

Chattanooga, TN – April 15, 2024

In a remarkable step towards championing the success of non-traditional students, Chattanooga State Community College bestowed the distinct honor of induction into the National Spire Honor Society upon 26 of its outstanding students last Thursday.

The Spire Honor Society is a sacred platform designed to perfectly accommodate and recognize adult and non-traditional students on par with their traditional counterparts. Specifically conceived in the year 1989, Spire symbolizes the pinnacle of academic performance and extra-curricular engagement that can be showcased by a non-traditional student attending a community or junior college in the United States.

As part of ChattState’s ongoing efforts to reiterate its commitment towards critical areas of academic achievement and acknowledge diverse ways towards the same, the Spire program plays a pivotal role. This was expressed by Marsha Barker, the Director of Adult Services at ChattState, who showed her enthusiastic support for the Spire program and the students it recognizes.

Each of these 26 students has overcome unique challenges, and their induction into the Spire Honor Society is a celebration of their resilience, leadership, integrity, and commitment to lifelong learning.” Marsha Barker commended.

Induction Ceremony Highlights

The ceremony was graced by the inspirational presence of ChattState alumna Carla Frizzell, who now works at the Tennessee Valley Authority after completing her graduation at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. As an “Eye of the Tiger” awardee, and a recognized Tennessee Reconnect Student of the Week, Frizzell holds an esteemed place in the ChattState community. She continued to inspire attendees with her stirring speech.

In everything I do, I’ve got my family and friends in mind,” Frizzell said. “They’re my rock, pushing me to be my best, whether I’m at work at TVA or just living life. Beating cancer showed me it’s not just about me—it’s about showing others that no matter what life throws your way, you can come out on top. I’ve taken the rough patches and turned them into opportunities, and look at me now, still standing and smiling.

Induction Criteria

The prestigious induction process into the Spire Society requires a strict adherence to high standards of academic performance, leadership qualities, and ethical values, alongside active participation in campus or community activities. The criteria further include possessing the status of an adult or non-traditional student, being within 12 months of graduation or already having completed 33 college credit hours, and maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Upon meeting the stringent criteria, the following students have been inducted into the Spire Honor Society: Fatma Aldarwish, Byron Banks , Tammie Beers, Francena Bibbs, Rebecca Boling , Matthew Casey, Allisa D’Apice, Stephanie Dotson , Jody Emanuel, Jordan Filippi, Justine Hernandez, Gweniqua Jacobs, Margie Lawhorn, Leslie Lawrence, Alexandra Lepley, Christopher McJunkin, Kellie Mills, Jessica Partin, Tessa Sentell, Nancy Sharkey, Wendy Sheppard, Ashley Spresser, Casey Sullivan, Marvin Toms, Brandy Wyrick, and Tatyana Zharova-Smitherman.

This encouragement of non-traditional students by Chattanooga State Community College is indeed an embodiment of progressive change in the academia, and provides a hopeful precedent for all institutions striving to promote inclusive success. As the Here News Network congratulates all the inductees, we are certain that this recognition will serve as a catalyst for these students to continue excelling in their academic journey and beyond.

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