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Chattanooga Toddler Fatality Takes New Twist as Two More Children Test Positive for Drugs

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Chattanooga Toddler Fatality Takes New Twist as Two More Children Test Positive for Drugs

Tragedy Leads to Unsettling Investigation

In a recent startling turn of events, two children living in the same Chattanooga residence where a toddler died have tested positive for drugs. The fallout stems from a tragic case involving a two-year old boy, named Montana, who was found to have died from a lethal dose of Fentanyl, Alcohol and Xylazine.

Charges Laid

The parents, Taiwan Greathouse and Brittany Bell, are now both facing murder charges in relation to their son’s death. The local Judge revoked Greathouse’s bond after discovering he continued to partake in illegal drug sales while facing trial for Montana’s death.

Deepening Investigation Uncovers Further Distress

Further investigations by Child Protective Services (CPS) revealed that two other children residing in the same household have also tested positive for drugs. Investigators have alleged that one child was coerced into aiding Greathouse with his drug dealings.

Disturbing Testimony

According to reports from James King, a CPD Detective, a fifteen-year-old girl testified in court that she was coerced into helping her parents with their drug-related activities. Further investigation revealed that drugs were also detected in her biological system and that of another older sibling.

Upon the results of the drug test, Detective King shared his distress with the court saying,
“When those tests come back positive, I was notified by CPS that the hair follicle test for those two had also come back positive.” This startling evidence played a major role in the decision by Judge Amy Dunn to revoke Greathouse’s bond.

Fentanyl: A Silent and Lethal Threat

Fentanyl, the lethal drug found in Montana’s system, is a potent synthetic opioid that is far more potent than morphine. The danger lies in its potency and the probability of overdose, which is often lethal. According to Paul Fuchcar of CADAS in Chattanooga, the exposure of children to drugs and drug trafficking by their parents is unfortunately becoming more widespread. Insights from adolescent addiction specialists reveal that most addiction issues among teenagers often involve parents engaging in similar behavior.

“Fentanyl is very dangerous and lethal, more so than what most people realize,” said Fuchcar, “there’s going to be a number of people suffering from an overdose due to improper mixing. Adolescents may not be aware of this risk as much.”

Further Developments

Greathouse and Bell are expected back in court next month as the investigation continues. We trust that relevant authorities are committing their diligence and expertise in ensuring

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