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City of Chattanooga Enhances First Responder Communications with Verizon Partnership

First responders using technology.

City of Chattanooga Takes Necessary Steps to Improve First Responder Communications Through Partnership with Verizon

Chattanooga, TN – In an effort to support the community’s first responders, Chattanooga city government recently joined hands with Hamilton County Emergency Management and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, in a strategic partnership with Verizon. Designed to significantly enhance communications access to first responders across much of Tennessee and parts of Georgia, the bold initiative underlines the city’s commitment to emergency infrastructural strength.

In the Face of Crisis, the Role of Communications Infrastructure

“Communication infrastructure is critical in every emergency. We thoroughly appreciate the efforts of communication companies like Verizon in supporting us in keeping Chattanooga’s residents safe during times of crisis,” stated Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy. Over 150 regional first responders took part in an event last Thursday, where the latest developments in Verizon’s public safety technology were unveiled.

The Roadshow served as the ideal platform for first responders to network with Verizon Wireless team members, while exploring the potential of various communication technologies to address emergency situations. Joining Verizon at the event were its partners Pelsue, Cradlepoint, Inseego, CSG, Motorola, Panorama, Connect, Gridless, and UAS.

The Backbone Support: City’s Technology Services Team

The event was co-organized by James Cutcliff, Director of Business and Finance Management for the City’s Department of Technology Services. Highlighting the behind-the-scenes work undertaken by his team, Cutcliff pointed out how the city’s Technology Services team tirelessly ensures all departments have the necessary technology tools and support to carry out their daily responsibilities.

This includes maintaining crucial infrastructure and communication tools that uphold CPD’s (Chattanooga Police Department) operations and citizen access to services like garbage removal. In crisis scenarios, providing the same level of service round-the-clock is determinant to the safety and well-being of citizens, he emphasized.

Verizon’s cellular communications capabilities and its commitment to area governments, businesses, and residents have made a significant contribution toward this critical responsibility. Both Brad Posey, Verizon Government Account Executive, and Jacob Hayes, Public Safety Account Manager, have played a crucial role in sustaining cellular services and equipment for the city, which has been duly noted and appreciated by Cutcliff.

Securing Chattanooga’s future

This partnership marks yet another step toward Chattanooga’s commitment to secure the safety and well-being of its citizens, particularly in the face of emergencies. By fostering such collaborations with leading technology companies, the city is aligning its infrastructure to adapt to and manage potential threats, thus bolstering a safe and resilient community for its residents.

The resulting enhancements to first responder communications are a clear sign of progress in the right direction. As Chattanooga continues to take proactive steps in this direction, the citizens can expect to experience an increasingly secure environment backed by technological advancements.

The partnership with Verizon is an indication of the significant potential public-private partnerships hold in fostering community infrastructural resilience. It stands as a model that other urban communities seeking to reinforce their emergency response systems can look up to.

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