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Chattanooga Hosts First Weather Radio Event of the Year

Weather radio demonstration setup.

Chattanooga Kicks-off the First Weather Radio Event of the Year

The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is buzzing with excitement as they launch their first Weather Radio event of the year. To start the event with a bang, the organizers have set up live at the East Ridge location of a popular local hardware store. The crew will be located at the East Ridge and Walden locations where they’ll be programming weather radios until 7 p.m.

Important Details About the Event

The Weather Radio programming event is not only here to help program your radios but also has an altruistic purpose. With every fresh purchase of a weather radio, $5 will be donated to the charity named the Forgotten Child Fund. This unique multi-goal initiative has already started drawing in excited citizens eager to participate.

A Special Initiative

This Weather Radio event comes as a practical solution to help the local community stay safe during extreme weather conditions. By programming radios and raising funds for a good cause, the event signifies the city’s understanding of the importance of staying updated with weather patterns. It also shows the strong sense of community spirit in Chattanooga.

Programming your Weather Radios denotes equipping your radios with

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