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Celebrating 12 Years Of Chattanooga Whiskey With Founder’s 12th Anniversary Blend

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Celebrating 12 Years Of Chattanooga Whiskey With Founder’s 12th Anniversary Blend

Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga Whiskey is celebrating its 12th anniversary under the expertise and leadership of its founder, Tim Piersant. The notable occasion is marked with the launch of the Founder’s 12th Anniversary Blend – a meticulously crafted blend denoted by its solera-style expression made from three distinct charred oak solera barrels.

The Art of the Blend

What makes the Founder’s 12th Anniversary Blend uniquely special is that it is formulated each year by Piersant himself in recognition of the company’s founding anniversary. This year’s blend originates from whiskeys distilled in both Chattanooga and Lawrenceburg, IN, showcasing a dynamic balance between traditional and innovative recipes. Each component symbolizes the whiskey company’s past, present, and future.

Founder’s 12th Anniversary Blend Details

This blend consists of a carefully measured mash bill breakdown: 12% 1816RES, 60% SB091, and 28% INFINITY. Additionally, the blend adheres to a strict non-chill filtration process and has an overall proof of 100 (50% Alc/Vol). Aged over two years, this whiskey has been housed in toasted, charred oak barrels, each having a capacity of 53 gallons. The blend is then allowed to coalesce in three separate charred oak solera barrels, creating a unique batch of 9-11 barrels.

Tasting notes reveal an enticing blend of blackberry cobbler, candied ginger, cream soda, red velvet cake, and oatmeal raisin cookie flavors.

The Solera Room

In the heart of the company’s Riverfront Distillery is the Solera Room. This room hosts three unique whiskey styles that all use their version of the time-honored solera blending process. Piersant rigorously evaluates the whiskey within these barrels each year, trialing varied blends to display the foremost of each special recipe. The distilling team then refills each tank with newly matured barrels, allowing them to marry until the following year.

A Tribute to the Past, Present and Future

Each component of the blend symbolically links to the company’s development timeline. The past is represented through “1816”, the whiskey that mobilized a community and aided in changing Prohibition laws. The present is embodied in “91”, their flagship Tennessee High Malt recipe, derived from their Experimental Distillery’s 91st barrel. And lastly, the future shines through “INFINITY”, an evolving mixture of ingenious recipes distilled at their innovative Riverfront and Experimental Distilleries.

Availability of the Founder’s 12th Anniversary Blend

The exclusive Founder’s 12th Anniversary Blend will be available at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery, starting from Friday, April 26, and at select retailers for $59.99. Whiskey enthusiasts can also find limited quantities on

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