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Chattanooga Woman Arrested for Sheltering Runaway Florida Teenager until His 18th Birthday

Woman sheltering runaway teenager

Chattanooga Woman Arrested for Sheltering Runaway Florida Teenager until His 18th Birthday

Unexpected Discovery in Chattanooga

A 29-year-old woman in Chattanooga, Nicole Duus, is now in police custody. She was taken in under charges of concealing a 17-year-old boy who reportedly ran away from his home in Florida. The detainment occurred on Sunday when the Hamilton County officials acted on a tip-off from Pasco County, Florida investigators, indicating that the missing teenager might be hiding in their jurisdiction.

The Hamilton County deputies proceeded to a specific address on East Brainerd Road. From outside the apartment, the deputies noticed through window blinds, a young man with long hair focused on a computer screen. They also observed Duus, situated near a different computer.

The Warrant-less Entry

The deputies knocked on the apartment door. Displaying agility and secrecy, the young man exited the room. The woman, obligated to answer the door, presented a facade of ignorance towards the boy’s whereabouts. She went to the extent of stating that multiple people had come to her apartment searching for the teenager. Duus flatly denied the presence of any additional individual in her apartment.

However, when the deputies revealed their prior observations through the window blinds, Duus succumbed. She invited the deputies inside and led the boy out from another room.

Confessions Unraveled

The boy confirmed running away from his mother approximately six weeks prior. Duus, on her part, admitted to having met the boy online whilst playing video games. She expressed her feelings of wanting to help the boy escape his maternal environment.

She disclosed her actions to the deputies, explaining that she rented a truck, drove to Florida, picked up the boy, along with his video gaming equipment, and brought him back to Chattanooga. Her intent, she admitted, was to keep him concealed until he reached the age of consent

Hamilton County, hence, charged Duus with concealing a runaway child.

Consequences and Ongoing Investigations

Further investigations are ongoing. It is unclear at this time what ramifications Duus might face for her actions, or whether there might be more to this unfolding story.

Protecting children is a community responsibility and authorities remind the public to report any suspicious behavior related to minors. In such cases, the experts should be given the chance to fully assess the circumstances and provide the most appropriate response.

Source: HERE News Network

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