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Chattanooga’s Chimp Heart Health Check-up

Chimpanzee medical examination illustration.

Chattanooga’s Chimp Heart Health Check-up

Chimpanzees at the Chattanooga Zoo have been part of a critical heart health study since 2011. In a recent development, one of the oldest female chimpanzees, Brandi, underwent an echocardiogram test as part of her veterinary examination last Thursday.

An Important Examination

Speaking about the results of the examination, Dr. Bill Warren, a cardiologist from the Chattanooga Heart Institute revealed, “An echocardiogram is an excellent test to confirm… and the echo today did show that she does have some degree of congestive heart failure. Her heart muscles were a little weak, and Doctor Ashley and I were just discussing potential treatments for the chimpanzee, aiming to strengthen her heartbeats.”

Common Cardiovascular Issues in Great Apes

Veterinarian Tony Ashley provides insight into the life expectancy of chimpanzees and how frequent heart-related issues are among these creatures.

“Cardiovascular disease is very common in great apes in general, so it’s more common in males than females. It’s also more common as they age. As Brandi is an aged senior now, that’s probably a part of the reason why,” explained Vet Tony Ashley.

Regular Checkups for Healthy Hearts

The Chattanooga Zoo conducts annual checkups for their chimpanzees and maintains close monitoring to ensure optimal heart health. This approach aligns with the zoo’s commitment to provide the best healthcare to its animals while also contributing to scientific studies that better our understanding of these intelligent creatures.

Heart Health in Chimpanzees

Heart health issues in great apes, including chimpanzees, are common and often overlooked. However, research like this not only aids in the long-term well-being of our closest genetic relatives but also provides insightful data that could potentially translate to better human heart health research. Regular check-ups and monitoring of their hearts is a crucial part of this process.

The recent echocardiogram of chimpanzee Brandi and the subsequent discussions of possible treatments serve as a testament to Chattanooga Zoo’s dedicated efforts in this area.

Ensuring that Brandi and her fellow great apes maintain their heart health is a primary objective of the Chattanooga Zoo and its dedicated team of vets and caretakers. This commitment to heart health in chimpanzees is not only improving their quality of life but is also making a significant contribution to scientific research and our understanding of these fascinating creatures and their health.

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