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The Big Picture on Local Public Transit From CARTA’s New CEO

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The Big Picture on Local Public Transit From CARTA’s New CEO

In a significant development for local public transit, the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) recently appointed Charles Frazier as its new CEO. Upon joining CARTA, the public transportation system serving Chattanooga and the Hamilton County, Frazier sat down for an exclusive interview with HERE News Network outlining his plans for the Authority, having accrued impressive experience in the public transit sector previous to this appointment.

A Strong Background in Public Transit

Having earned his stripes in the public transportation field, Frazier brings a breadth of experience to his new role at CARTA. Although he recently embarked on his journey with CARTA, Frazier had already been associated with key roles in the public transit sector before relocating to Chattanooga, making his a voice of authority in the industry.

Challenges and Opportunities for CARTA

While Frazier acknowledged the enormous potential presented by Chattanooga and Hamilton County’s growing public transit demands, he was not hesitant in discussing the challenges that lay ahead for CARTA. He painted a candid picture of the transit landscape, speaking about obstacles in funding and the importance of keeping pace with technological advances that have the potential to revolutionize transit experiences.

Frazier identified providing equitable, high-quality transit services that meet the diverse mobility needs of the community as a top priority for CARTA. The CEO emphasized the role that public transport can play in connecting communities, boosting the economy, and mitigating environmental impacts, making it a significant player in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Commitment to the Community

Public transportation is much more than just moving people from point A to point B; it’s about forging connections and opening opportunities. Frazier reiterated his commitment to not just providing efficient transportation but also creating a more connected and equitable community. Furthermore, he gave reassurances that CARTA would continuously work towards ensuring the comfort, safety, and convenience of its riders.

Frazier also elaborated on how CARTA would strive to be adaptive and responsive to the community’s changing needs. By being innovative and forward-thinking, CARTA hopes to establish high standards in local public transportation and play an instrumental role in shaping Chattanooga’s transport infrastructure future.


The coming years are poised to be a transformative period for CARTA under the leadership of its new CEO, Charles Frazier. The organization is set to draw upon Frazier’s experience and vision to overcome challenges and make the most of newfound opportunities. As Chattanooga and Hamilton County grow and evolve, CARTA and its new leader are ready to steer forward the public transportation paradigm, ensuring it remains a vital and vibrant part of the community fabric.

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