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Descendants of Civil War Hero Work to Honor His Legacy

Family at war monument

Descendants of Civil War Hero Work to Honor His Legacy

CHATTANOOGA, TN— Descendants of Civil War hero Philip G. Shadrach are tirelessly striving to honor his uncelebrated service as a member of Andrews’ Raiders. Ron Shadrach, a retired geologist from Ohio, and Jennifer Sweet, a distant relative, have set out to shed light on the life and deeds of Philip G. Shadrach, one of the two soldiers who, despite their roles in the Andrews’ Raid, did not receive the Medal of Honor.

A Connection Rediscovered

The mission to honor Shadrach’s service began when Ron received a name inscribed on a bronze plaque at the state capitol. Contrary to family belief, the name was indeed an ancestor, which sparked Ron’s interest in digging deeper into his family history. Jennifer Sweet, on the other hand, has known about their shared hero for most of her life, thanks to stories passed down through generations.

A Hero’s Tale

Philip G. Shadrach, who also went by Perry or Charles, was a member of the legendary Andrews’ Raiders during the Civil War. Along with George Wilson, they took part in every step of the daring mission that resulted in their execution by Confederates. The pair were exceptions among the Raiders, as they were not awarded the United States of America’s highest military honor, the Medal of Honor.

A Possible Oversight

For years, the family believed the lack of recognition might have been because Shadrach had enlisted under various names. However, Ron confirms that the Pentagon has stated this confounding issue of identity would not have been a key factor in his lack of recognition. This part of the puzzle remains unsolved.

An Unyielding Effort

Despite setbacks, Ron and Jennifer remain undeterred in their quest to secure recognition for Philip G. Shadrach amongst his fellow Raiders. The torch, initially lit by a veteran and a former congressman in 2003, continues to burn brightly. According to Ron, he has sent a wealth of research to the Army to facilitate the process of posthumous recognition. As of now, they continue to wait.

A Tribute for Future Generations

Ron has expressed that this mission is not for him alone, but for the next generation. “In doing this, we’ve lost a whole Generation. A generation of the family is gone, but we have another generation and I’ve got 7 grandkids so they’ll see this, and they’re at the age where I first discovered this,” said Ron. By bringing Shadrach’s sacrifice to public acknowledgment, they hope to instill a sense of history and pride in their descendents.

Working for Memorial

Long after the Civil War, the descendants of one unsung hero are working arduously to honor his services to the nation. As these endeavors continue, the story of Philip G. Shadrach serves as a reminder of many unrecognized heroes from the past whose tales remain interwoven in the rich tapestry of our history. It underlines the importance of commemoration and acknowledgment, not just for the sake of today, but for the generations to come.

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