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Summer Cocktail Festival to Invade Chattanooga Market on June 22

Tropical cocktail paradise scene.

Summer Cocktail Festival to Invade Chattanooga Market on June 22

Chattanooga Prepares for a Blast from Y2K Past

Chattanooga, Tenn.As Chattanooga Market gears up for the summer season, a booming announcement swept across the city, leaving the residents exhilarated and thrilled. The Summer Cocktail Festival, following a enlightening Y2K theme, is set to take over the Chattanooga Market on June 22, filling the air with fun, cocktails and the perfect summer vibes. This captivating event is designed exclusively for adults, allowing them to step back into the Y2K nostalgia over a creative assortment of tantalizing alcoholic beverages.

Local Moonshine Distillery to Showstop the Festival

One of the festival’s key highlights is the gastronomic presence of Travis Faucette from the Rolling Oak Distillery. Faucette is orchestrating an intriguing show of moonshine mastery with the distillery’s quality products, which have been finely crafted over four generations. As part of the festival’s local charm, Rolling Oak Distillery is looking forward to sharing their expertise and love for moonshine with cocktail lovers from all over.

Experiencing the Market with All Things ‘Summer and Cocktails’

According to Lauren Cavitt from the Chattanooga Market, the Summer Cocktail Festival has the potential to bring together a sizeable crowd of cocktail enthusiasts, with over 30 vendors eager to showcase their intriguing summer cocktails. As a caveat, only those above the age of 21 years can grace the event, ensuring an exclusive adult-friendly environment. Those interested in attending can find all relevant ticketing information on the market’s official online portal.

Local Links and More Info

To learn more about the event, the Rolling Oak Distillery, the festival’s main page, and Facebook page could provide more exciting insights. For directions to the Chattanooga Market, visitors can check its official website.

A Toast to Summer Fun and Nostalgia

The Summer Cocktail festival has set the bar high, blending the Y2K theme with the joyous summer season in Chattanooga. As the event promises to flood the market with quality alcoholic beverages, tantalizing moonshine concoctions, and splendid summer vibes, an unforgettable experience awaits the city’s adults on June 22. Whether they are moonshine lovers, cocktail enthusiasts, or fans of the colorful Y2K era, locals and tourists are all welcome to bask in the promising charm of the Summer Cocktail Festival at the Chattanooga Market.

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