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Code Orange Air Quality Alert Issued in Chattanooga

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Code Orange Air Quality Alert Issued in Chattanooga

Chattanooga and Hamilton County residents have been warned of a code orange air quality alert, indicating unhealthy air conditions due to a smoke drift from the southern wildfires. The alert, which was issued on Thursday, advises residents with heart or lung diseases, older adults, children and adolescents to decrease their exposure to the poor air quality.

What Does Code Orange Mean?

A “code orange” air quality alert signifies that air pollution measures have hit the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” bracket. This means that individuals with heart or lung disease, older adults, and youth might experience health effects. However, the general public is less likely to be affected.

Deteriorating Air Quality in Chattanooga

In a public statement, the local Air Pollution Control Bureau stated that the deteriorating air quality is a consequence of smoke from the wildfires advancing northward. “The poor air quality is due to wildfire smoke moving up from the south.”, they reported. As of Thursday afternoon, the air quality levels remained in the unhealthy range for sensitive groups. The authorities anticipated the levels to retain this status until 8 p.m. on February 22.

Recommendations to Reduce Exposure

The local Air Pollution Control Bureau has suggested several steps to help reduce exposure to the poor air

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