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Commercial Metal Roofing in Nashville: Grand Ole Opry Goes Metal (On the Roof Anyway)

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Eskola Roofing Project

The fabled Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, decided to go with Eskola in 2017 to fix its whole roofing system. The roof had been rapidly deteriorating for some time and needed an immediate replacement.

One of the most iconic music venues in the country, the Grand Ole Opry, needed its roof repaired, and Eskola commercial roofing contractors accepted the assignment. The team at Eskola Nashville office was thrilled to be able to help safeguard such an important aspect of American history.

Due to the sheer size and complexity of the Opry’s roof, Eskola Roofers had a daunting task at hand. Eskola had to ascend the roof with man baskets and delicately remove the old roofing materials.

A new modified bitumen vapor barrier, a 60 mil Fibertite membrane, and CR-20 foam adhesive were used to replace the existing concrete tile roof system. The Grand Ole Opry’s 105,000 square feet of the roof were then covered by a ribbed metal roofing system. This includes the main theater (45,000 square feet) and the 60,000 square feet of TPO flat roof sections.

Without affecting the Grand Ole Opry’s live shows or other activities, the project was completed in 6 months- an astonishing success. The historic building now has a much better aesthetic, thanks to the new roof that perfectly complements its look.

This project is a shining example of Eskola’s ability to take on challenging projects and deliver results that exceed the expectations of its clients. The goal of protecting the building from bad weather and maintaining its architectural significance was achieved- no water has dripped from the roof since the restoration was finished.

We are proud to feature this roofing project on our website, as it stands as a testament to their skill and dedication. This amazing project helped to preserve the historic building for future generations.

Eskola Roofing is the go-to roofing contractor in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee, because of its dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Request a free consultation and price estimate!
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