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Fee Hikes for Waste Disposal Ignite Conflict in Chattanooga

Protest against Waste Fee

Fees for Waste Dumping Soar, Spark Contention in Chattanooga

In the city of Chattanooga, tensions are escalating over hiked dumping costs that many feel are outrageously high. The uniform charges implemented by Capital Waste Services (CWS), the company managing all local landfills and transfer stations within a 50-mile radius, have local small businesses and handymen up in arms and looking for alternatives for their waste disposal requirements.

Minimum Dumping Charges Trigger Controversy

According to CWS’s tariff, a Soddy Daisy transfer station now enforces a minimum charge for two tons of waste at $55 per ton. This means that even for minor jobs, local handymen and contractors find themselves paying a hefty $110. Several complaints have been made to CWS’s corporate offices by those affected by this policy, but to date, they have seen no change nor received satisfactory responses. The situation has sparked heated debate and strong feelings of resentment among the locals.

Capital Waste Services Responds

In response to the outcry, the president of Capital Waste Services, Matt Parker, clarified that there are 37 different facilities in the vicinity, all outside CWS’s jurisdiction, willing to accept waste materials from the locals. He presented a list enumerating several facilities within a 20-mile radius of Soddy Daisy, asserting that there are more options for contractors than just CWS-operated sites.

Parker expressed his concern over the misinformation damaging to the company’s reputation, and questionable language targeted at the company in public platforms. He encouraged residents to fact-check before publishing unsustainable accusations.

Handymen Acknowledge Oversight

On the back of CWS’s response, some local service providers, including a handyman named John Lemons, admitted to the oversight and apologized to CWS for earlier erroneous statements. They appreciated the company for supplying a wide variety of alternative options for dumping waste materials.

New Disposal Options Reviewed

Handymen like Lemons have begun evaluating the list of dumping stations provided by Parker, with the aim to find feasible and cost-effective solutions to their waste disposal needs. He found Birchwood Landfill and Bradley County Landfill to be practical options in terms of distance and cost, albeit still expensive.


The situation brings to the fore the broader issue of cost and accessibility of waste disposal options for small local businesses and contractors. As sectors relying heavily on this infrastructure, they are challenged by the need to balance affordability and accessibility while maintaining their responsible business practices. The recent controversy has opened up the dialogue for a more thorough discussion on the issue, hopefully leading to more favorable outcomes for all parties involved.

Source: HERE News Network

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