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CSAS Receives Energy Efficiency Grant from EPB, TVA

Energy-saving school renovation illustration.

CSAS Receives Energy Efficiency Grant from EPB, TVA

Chattanooga – The Chattanooga School for the Arts & Sciences (CSAS) has recently been awarded a $410,000 grant from the Chattanooga-based EPB and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The partnership between these two authorities aims to modernize the school’s facilities, making them more energy-efficient while creating a healthier environment for its student body.

A Historic School Gets a Modern Upgrade

As one of the oldest schools in Hamilton County, parts of CSAS are over 100 years old. This grant provides an unprecedented opportunity to advance the school’s infrastructure. The key focus of the renovation will be on comprehensive energy updates which will involve the replacement of all the school’s aging A/C window units with modern, highly efficient units accompanied by a dedicated outdoor air supply. This upgrade is an attempt to improve the quality of air, not only for energy-saving purposes but also for the comfort and health of the students.

In Pursuit of Light and Learning

The grant not only covers energy upgrades worth $400,000 but also includes a $10,000 Learning Environment Grant. The latter is designed to facilitate non-energy improvements by actively involving students and faculty. As part of these non-energy upgrades, the school’s fluorescent lighting will be replaced with energy-efficient LED light bulbs, providing higher-quality lighting while generating less heat and using less electricity.

Empowering Students through Education

Under the banner of School Uplift, a year-long energy management training program backed by the State of Tennessee’s Energy Efficient Schools Initiative, Appseaware this grant will serve to educate and train students in making smart energy choices. As an interactive exercise, a student “Energy Squad” has also been formed, taking on the responsibility of implementing daily energy efficiency measures. School leaders also coordinated with EPB, TVA, and green|spaces to organize the “Energy Day at CSAS”, aimed at increasing student awareness about practical energy-saving measures and their benefits.

A Step Towards Responsible Energy Consumption

This initiative by the EPB and TVA also invites other public K-12 schools, driven towards a more energy-efficient operation for the 2025-2026 school year. CSAS stands as a shining example of the future of education facilities, demonstrating the significance of combining historical architectural integrity with modern energy efficiency standards. This singular grant propels the city towards the goal of creating sustainable and efficient learning environments in building the future educational landscape.

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