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Cultural Cross Ties Connects Chattanooga and Hamm, Germany

Bridging two countries visually.

Cultural Cross Ties Connects Chattanooga and Hamm, Germany

Building Cross-cultural Relationships

Chattanooga, Tennessee— A unique project, ‘Cultural Cross Ties,’ has been established to foster a connection between Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Hamm, Germany. Meant to broaden cultural horizons and create a global community, the initiative uses art and conversation to forge meaningful ties across countries. A collaborative effort between artists, librarians, and firefighters serves a platform for fostering this transnational bond.

Community Event at Barking Leg Theater

An event to showcase the project’s achievements will be held this Friday at 6 PM at Barking Legs Theater. The community gathering will shine a spotlight on the significant connections made between Chattanooga’s residents and their counterparts in Hamm. Highlights of the night include presentations by Chattanooga firefighter Alan Green, artist Denise Shropshire, and librarian Lyn Hunter.

Nurturing International Ties Through Art and Conversation

Cultural Cross Ties aims to build bridges between people, fostering a spirit of community and friendship between Chattanooga and Hamm. With art feeding conversation and vice versa, the project offers an innovative model for nurturing international ties. Ann Law, an integral member associated with Barking Legs Theater, remarked on the project’s inherent ability to connect individuals from diverse backgrounds with shared goals and interests.

Chattanooga and Hamm – A Connection Rooted in History

Hamm is one of Chattanooga’s sister cities, with the relationship between the two cities stretching back to 1975. An important aspect of Chattanooga’s international community, Hamm has shared an enriching cultural and educational exchange over the years. Through the Cultural Cross Ties project, Chattanooga continues a legacy of collaboration and mutual respect with Hamm.

A New Chapter in Chattanooga-Hamm Ties

The Cultural Cross Ties project represents a new chapter in Chattanooga-Hamm ties. Librarians, firefighters, and artists have come together, sharing their unique perspectives and uniting their passions to ensure the project’s success. The upcoming community event at Barking Legs Theater promises to be a mesmerizing showcase of Chattanooga-Hamm ties, as well as an inspiring testament to the power of cultural exchange.

Nurturing Future Collaborations

Cultural Cross Ties is seen as the spark that will light a broader community engagement within this unique international relationship between Chattanooga and Hamm. Chattanooga’s community of librarians, firefighters, and artists hope that their efforts will inspire similar efforts in the future, thereby drawing these sister cities even closer together. They anticipate that such continued collaborations will foster mutual understanding, personal growth, and cultural enrichment among both communities, thus strengthening the bond between Chattanooga and Hamm.


The power of projects like Cultural Cross Ties resides in their ability to transform communities while nurturing international ties through shared passions and interests. Chattanooga and Hamm’s shared commitment to fostering lasting friendships and understanding through shared art and conversation is a testament to the enduring spirit of international community and unity that the project embodies.

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