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Cynthia Robinson Young Wins Chattanooga Writer’s Guild April Contest

Celebrating writer's guild victory.

Cynthia Robinson Young Emerges as Chattanooga Writer’s Guild April Contest Winner

Youth, Relatability, And Soul: A Win For Cynthia Robinson Young

The monthly April contest organized by the renowned Chattanooga Writer’s Guild witnessed an unprecedented display of talent and creativity, but one writer swept everyone off their feet to hold the ultimate champion’s title – Cynthia Robinson Young. Young’s submission, titled “Dear Younger Self,” proved to be a masterstroke, edging out runner-up Ken Harpe’s “Do You Have the Key?”

A Spotlight on the Winning Piece: “Dear Younger Self”

Young’s piece “Dear Younger Self,” is an evocative narrative underscored with poignant reflections on the past. It delves into her journey from her ancestral origins to her present, intricately blending elements of nostalgia, resolution, and resilience. Each verse makes a lasting impression, striking a compelling balance between harsh reality and poetic surrealism.

Author’s Proven Excellence Underlined

Yourng already boasts an impressive repertoire with published works like the chapbook, Reflections of a Feral Mother (Bottlecap Press, 2024) and Migration (Finishing Line Press, 2018). Her past work has found spots in acclaimed platforms like The Writer’s Chronicle, Poetry South, The Cutleaf Reader, and Chapter 16. In recognition of her exceptional literary prowess, her work has been nominated for prestigious awards – the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net for 2023.

Runner-up Ken Harpe: Artistic Poise and Vulnerability

While Young emerged victorious in the competition, runner-up Ken Harpe impressed the jury with his powerful piece, “Do You Have the Key?” Harpe’s work showcased a vibrant fusion of personal anecdotes, intriguing introspection, and linguistic prowess, illustrating the profound impact of binary dynamics like agony and comfort, fear, and reassurance.

Other Notable Submissions

Besides Young and Harpe, the competition heralded the commendable work of Chris Wood, who penned “Abandoned to the Interstate.” In his narrative, Wood provides readers with a vividly haunting spectacle of a desolate gasoline station, invoking feelings of nostalgia and loss.

Chattanooga Writer’s Guild Monthly Contest: A Platform For Talent

The Chattanooga Writer’s Guild‘s Monthly Contests have been designed to showcase and celebrate the work of talented writers. The contests rotate through genres of Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction with varied monthly themes. The platform nurtures and encourages budding and accomplished writers to share their work with a broader audience while stimulating their creativity and improving their expertise.

As we celebrate the triumph of Cynthia Robinson Young and the artistic contributions of many others, we eagerly look forward to the roster of talent the upcoming contests will surface.

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