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Musician Dan Spencer Unleashes The Tennessee Buddha On Chattanooga

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Musician Dan Spencer Unleashes The Tennessee Buddha On Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s music scene gets a fresh burst of flavor

Chattanooga, known for its vibrant and diverse music scene, recently welcomed an extraordinary addition to its pool of talent. Dan Spencer, a multi-talented artist who once considered becoming a mortician, dropped his life in the funeral home to make a major comeback in the music arena. Earlier, Dan had shelved his musical aspirations due to the global pandemic that had postponed the release of his first solo album. However, when an opportunity knocked at the door, he chose to get back into the rhythm.

Budding Musician Turns Mortician and Then Returns to Music

Dan was embarking on a stable career, studying funeral directing and embalming, making use of Tennessee’s Reconnect program that offers tuition assistance. After spending about a year working full-time in a funeral home and with just one semester left in his degree, something unexpected happened. His solo album, ‘Bursting With Country-Fresh Flavor’, reached influential ears, which provided him with an opportunity to play in better shows and rejuvenate his music career.

The aspiring musician remained modest during discussions about his recent achievements, including a performance alongside renowned artists like Jelly Roll, Eddie Vedder, and Post Malone. But, anyone who has listened to his album can tell you this – his music is compelling, a mix of lyrical storytelling punctuated by heart-wrenching moments and humor, topped off with a dash of DIY anti-folk touch in the style of Jeffrey Lewis or Daniel Johnston.

Present and Future Endeavors

Dan’s upcoming performance in Chattanooga promises to be an electrifying event. Unlike his album, which leans towards acoustic arrangements, his live performance will be backed by a full band. The change of musical style is not only a sneak peek into how his solo album’s tracks can come to life in a live setting but also a glimpse into the future direction of his music career.

“I’ve got a new record in the bag with the full band,” mentioned Dan. “It’s going to be a lot heavier. It’s a goth country concept album about vampires tentatively titled ‘Return to Your Dark Master’.” The aesthetic shift indicates Dan’s inclination towards darker themes, reflecting his self-proclaimed love for horror movies and metal music.

Fans and music lovers can look forward to seeing Dan Spencer in action on Saturday, March 16th, at the Boneyard in Chattanooga, where he will be sharing the stage with Dixson Blake Callahan and Toothless Hags. The doors open at 7 pm, and for a humble ten-dollar ticket, attendees can dive into a world that oscillates between poignant and humorous narratives, resonating with Dan’s energetic and novel musical landscape.

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