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Developers to Invest $28 Million in Industrial Building to Lure New Business to Chattanooga

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Developers to Invest $28 Million in Industrial Building to Lure New Business to Chattanooga

By HERE News, March 11, 2024


Chattanooga, a city on the rise, is about to witness another significant push towards economic growth. A $28 million industrial building is all set to spring up, designed with the sole intention of recruiting thriving businesses to the city. Urban Story Ventures, renowned developers, made the announcement recently, stating this substantial venture will commence later this month.

Bringing Life to Centre South Riverport Industrial Park

The development site, set along the tranquil Tennessee River off Amnicola Highway, is one of the very last undeveloped riverfront spots in the area. The piece of land formerly housed the tractor assembly plant of Southeast Mahindra USA prior to its 2020 shutdown. With this venture, the developers are aiming to inject new life into the Centre South Riverport Industrial Park.

Transformative Impact

Urban Story Ventures, with its robust track record of ushering new life into the city’s industrial sectors, emphasizes the transformative impact of such projects. Boasting a planned 225,000-square-foot complex, they are focused on creating an environment that is conducive to business growth and development. This endeavor signals the resolve of the city’s establishments to shift towards a more forward-looking industrial outlook.

Driving Economic Prosperity

These significant investments are crucial levers in driving economic prosperity. They serve as a wake-up call for businesses to consider Chattanooga as a viable and attractive venture option for their future plans and expansion. It is likewise a signal to the local workforce of the potential of increased employment opportunities and wage growth associated with the influx of new businesses.

Positives Vibes for Chattanooga

The vision of the project is closely aligned with Chattanooga’s drive to modernize while remaining faithful to the spirit of its rich industrial past. Heralded as an exciting ‘fresh start,’ the project is anticipated to reignite the city’s periphery while setting it on a path towards financial stability and prosperity.


Only time will tell how this infusion of capital into the development of a modern, appealing industrial building will impact Chattanooga’s business landscape. However, the current outlook is certainly promising, and hopes are high for urban renewal and a substantial economic boost. For Urban Story Ventures, it marks another step forward in their ongoing commitment towards the revitalization of Chattanooga – strengthening the city’s position as an emerging hub for industrial enterprises.

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