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Diamond Dogs: A David Bowie Tribute Rocking Chattanooga

Musician in Bowie-inspired costume.

Diamond Dogs: A David Bowie Tribute Rocking Chattanooga

The city of Chattanooga was recently lit up by a stirring tribute to the late, great David Bowie by the band Diamond Dogs. The group, often referred to as a cover band, fiercely identifies themselves as a tribute band dedicated to honoring their music hero – David Bowie. And they have indeed consistently shown their admiration in a fine style.

The Diamond Dogs Shine in Chattanooga

The Diamond Dogs, known and beloved by many in Chattanooga, have time and again gone on record stating their disdain for being termed a ‘cover band’. They strongly believe in the distinction of a tribute band instead, one wholly dedicated to preserving and embodying the legacy of their music idol.

Their performances are not just about playing David Bowie’s hits, but also about demonstrating the depth of the artist’s impact. It’s clear from their renditions that each member of the band is a genuine fan of Bowie, and their passion shines through in their music.

A Tribute to a Music Legend

Diamond Dogs’ devotion to reproducing David Bowie’s sound and style brings fans of all ages together. More importantly, their uniqueness lies in them maintaining the spirit of Bowie’s musical journey, giving loan to his innovative sound, complex lyrics, and flamboyant stage presence, inspiring audiences similarly like Bowie himself did.

Performance in The Library

Their recent live performance at The Chattanooga Public Library, organized under the Live in the Library sessions, was a noteworthy occasion that further cemented their reputation. Their seamless rendition of classic hits, combined with their intense passion, gave an electrifying atmosphere, leaving audiences in awe.

The Diamond Dogs’ contribution extends beyond merely replicating Bowie’s music; they inspire and awaken their audiences to embrace creativity, and encourage them to explore the vast music universe that Diamond Bowie navigated during his illustrious career.


In a world where tribute bands vary in fidelity and quality, The Diamond Dogs have set themselves apart. Their dedication and reverence to David Bowie’s music legacy is truly commendable and appreciated by fans. These true believers continue to force us to turn and face the strange, echoing Bowie’s sentiment in their performances, constantly reminding us of the powerful role music can play in our lives.

As they continue their musical journey in honor of their hero and inspire audiences, the Diamond Dogs, undoubtedly, hold a special place in Chattanooga’s vibrant music scene. Their upcoming performances remain highly anticipated events, promising to keep the spirit of David Bowie’s music alive and kicking.

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