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The Dolly Days Festival Rings Through Ringgold Once More

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The Dolly Days Festival Rings Through Ringgold Once More

Ringgold, Georgia had a delightful air about it, with echoes of country music floating above its streets as the city reverberated with the third fun-filled Dolly Days Festival on Saturday afternoon. This is not just any other festival, it is a celebration of the unique affinity between the city and the iconic country music legend – Dolly Parton.

A Nod to Dolly’s Legacy

According to the President of the Ringgold Downtown Partners, the town organized the festival as a token of appreciation for Dolly Parton’s linkage to their city. The association comes into light as Ringgold holds a special spot in Dolly’s life – It’s the town Dolly chose to marry in. The reason behind it was the lenient marriage laws in Georgia compared to Tennessee. At a time when most states required couples to go through a prolonged marriage license processing along with the mandatory blood tests, Georgia let lovers embark on their marital journey on the very day they applied for the license. Dolly and her husband took advantage of this provision and drove across to tie their nuptial knot in Ringgold.

Fun and Frolic at the Festival

The festival which pays an homage to Dolly has become a major attraction with its array of activities for attendees to immerse themselves into. The festival has morphed into a cherished event in the city, which not only celebrates Dolly, but also cultivates a sense of community among the people.

One of the major runways to fun at the Dolly Days festival was the ‘Dolly Dash’. The second edition of the crowd-puller saw an expansion in the challenges with a 10k run, a 5k run, and a one-mile fun-run-walk. The event attracted a significant crowd with over 1500 registered runners spanning all age groups. The number of participants might have risen to around 1700 as per the organizers, undoubtedly proving the successful evolution of the city’s beloved Dolly Dash.

The Town Comes Alive

The festival transmutes the town into a jubilant spectacle, with different facets of amusement dotted all over. Streets become a lively avenue, decorated with food stalls, vendors pitching up their unique creations, the sound of live musical performances permeating the air with the essence of Dolly’s melodies, making the whole town sway to its rhythm.

This annual festival, with its fusion of food, family, and fun festivities, coupled with the endearing homage to Dolly Parton, has indeed become a beloved tradition for the town of Ringgold, reflecting their admiration for their Tennessee queen, while also fostering a vibrant spirit of togetherness among its inhabitants.

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