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Huge Downtown Chattanooga Apartment Project Receives Planning Approval

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Huge Downtown Chattanooga Apartment Project Receives Planning Approval

Proposal for Massive Apartment Tower on its way to Final Approval

In a momentous decision that will potentially change the skyline of downtown Chattanooga, an ambitious proposal for one of the largest-ever apartment projects has received a nod of approval from city planners. The ambitious project, a 10-story tower boasting an impressive 621 units, is now on its way to final approval.

The proposed apartment tower is projected to be erected at 900 Riverfront Parkway, a site formerly occupied by Kelly Subaru and Cadillac, situated near the picturesque Tennessee River.

A First-of-its-kind project

Looming at a monumental ten stories high, the planned structure promises to be a unique addition to the ‘Scenic City,’ differentiated by its significant scale in both its height and the number of units offered. The development will provide residents with a new option for high-rise living by the river, potentially adding a major residential footprint near the city’s busy downtown district.

The apartment project promises to be a trendsetter, both in terms of architecture and urban development in the city. The proposal comes as an exciting boost to the city’s ongoing expansion and growth in the housing sector, offering affordable and high-quality living spaces for the area’s residents.

Next Steps for the Project

With the initial planning approval in place, the project will now move forward to the city council for its final stamp of approval. The city council’s endorsement is the crucial last phase for any major project, following which the ground-breaking and construction phases can commence. If everything goes as per plan, the residents of Chattanooga may soon see a new significant addition to their city’s skyline.

It’s important to note that while the approval from the city planners is an encouraging step forward, the final decision rests in the hands of the city council. The council’s decision will be informed by several factors, including the overall impact and feasibility of the project, traffic studies, environment considerations, and feedback from public hearings.

Public response to the proposal has also been encouraging, with many eager to see the project take shape. However, they will have to wait for the city council’s decision for the project to progress to the construction phase.


This approval holds a signal of change for Chattanooga, promising to contribute significantly to the reshaping of the city’s urban fabric, bringing more options for residents seeking high-quality housing, and potentially attracting more people to Chattanooga’s already vibrant downtown area. However, the ultimate decision lies with the city council, which will decide the final fate of this ambitious project.

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