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Downtown Erlanger Hospital Celebrates 2024 Miracle Kids

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Downtown Erlanger Hospital Celebrates 2024 ‘Miracle Kids’

Announcing the 2024 Miracle Kids

In a heartwarming occasion, downtown Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee celebrated its ‘Miracle Kids’ of 2024. Surrounded by their families and friends, these brave children were honored as ambassadors for the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, a proud affiliate of the Children’s Miracle Network, bridging nearly 180 hospitals across North America.

A United Cause

Andrea Perry Lyons, a representative from the Children’s Miracle Network, emphasized Erlanger’s unwavering commitment since joining the network in 1986 in raising funds to benefit young patients. The funds have not only played a crucial role in purchasing essential medical equipment and building the renowned Kennedy outpatient center but have also contributed towards a new MRI and several other critical pieces of equipment necessary for the sustenance of child health programs in the region.

The Resilience of Our Miracle Kids

The tales of the Miracle Kids are as diverse as they are inspirational- ranging from leukemia survivors to pediatric strokes. Each year, their narratives of resilience and victory against life-threatening illnesses are shared in an effort to uplift spirits and spread hope. This year’s honorees included Anna Wyatt, Whitleigh Runyon, Brooklyn Rogier,

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