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Emergency Alert System Now Available for County Residents, Workers

Emergency alert system concept

Emergency Alert System Now Available for County Residents, Workers

April 9, 2024 – Hamilton County, today, stepped into a new era of emergency preparedness. The county unveiled a mass notification system, named Regroup, informing residents of emergencies directly on their phones. Public stakeholders and community residents hailed the move as a significant stride in enhancing safety and vigilance in the county.

Reliable Alerts to Safeguard Lives and Property

The newly launched alert system leverages SMS and voice call technologies to disseminate relevant information to subscribers. Subscriptions are organized based on geographical location within Hamilton County, ensuring only residents at risk of imminent danger receive the alerts.

“So if you’re in Sale Creek and you’re not in danger, you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night,” states Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp. “But you will be, in the parts of the community where the risk is the greatest.”

Subscriptions to the Service

Hamilton County residents and workers interested in the service can sign up at Prospective subscribers will be required to enter their home or workplace addresses based on where they’d prefer to receive the alerts.

The initiative experienced notable uptake even before the official launch. The Director of the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management, Chris Adams, confirms that approximately 1,300 people had already activated their subscriptions as of Tuesday.

Continued Commitment to Safety

The unveiling of this mass notification system underscores Hamilton County’s continued commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents and workforce. The county’s leaders hope that the convenience and timeliness of the new system will catalyze the growth of a community-wide culture of preparedness, promoting fast responses in times of danger.

Look Ahead

Hamilton County is on course in its mission to guarantee exceptional public safety for its residents. The county leverages modern technology and sound emergency management standards. As more people continue to subscribe, leaders are hopeful of tremendous strides in enhancing emergency response and boosting a sense of security.

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