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Emergency Burn Permits Available For Unincorporated Hamilton County to Clear Storm Debris

Storm debris burn permits.

Emergency Burn Permits Available For Unincorporated Hamilton County to Clear Storm Debris

HAMILTON COUNTY, Monday, June 10, 2024 – Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp has announced a major relief initiative for residents of unincorporated areas of the County. The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau will begin issuing emergency burn permits. These are aimed at supporting cleanup efforts following storms in early May, which caused extensive damage and fell numerous trees.

“After hearing from residents across the county about safety and day-to-day inconvenience caused by storm damage, I requested burn permits be made available to assist in pickup efforts,” said Mayor Wamp. “These permits will be available free of charge to ease the burden that these storms have placed on our residents.”

Permits Scope and Eligibility

These Emergency Burn Permits will be available only to residents living in unincorporated areas of Hamilton County. Residents in the County’s incorporated areas will continue availing of brush pickup services through their municipality’s Public Works Department. It is important that residents obtain their Emergency Burn Permit before initiating any burning process. All permits will also involve a mandatory inspection.

Storm debris should be collected into piles no larger than eight feet in height, width, and diameter for burning. Only vegetation or brush less than 12 inches in diameter, or clean, untreated, non-manufactured wood from the owner’s property can be burned under these permits.

Additional Criteria for Burn Permit Approval

For an Emergency Burn Permit application to be approved, some additional criteria must be fulfilled. The debris to be burned must be remnants from the recent storms. In terms of location, the burn site must be over 100 feet away from the nearest structure other than the home of the applicant. The site must also be more than 50 feet from any nearby wooden fences.

Applications for an Emergency Burn Permit are now open from June 10 through 30. Residents requiring more information can visit the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau website. Mayor Wamp and the County administration are committed to ensuring residents can safely and effectively handle storm damage, and this initiative signals their commitment in this regard.

“We’re grateful for Commissioner Gene-O Shipley’s leadership in relaying the concerns of his constituents and working with our office to make sure the needs of those who live on the outskirts of our community are met in a timely manner,” said Mayor Wamp, expressing gratitude for the collaborative efforts in rolling out this initiative.

This bold step of providing Emergency Burn Permits is a reflection of the commitment of the County administration to serve its citizens in times of crises. The measures put in place ensure safety and appropriateness while empowering residents to manage their own cleanup operations efficiently and effectively. As Hamilton County marches on to recovery from the devastating storms, the resilience and spirit of its residents continue to shine brightly.

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