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Update: Missing Endangered Teen in Chattanooga Found Safe

Reunited family embraces warmly.

Update: Missing Endangered Teen in Chattanooga Found Safe

Chattanooga, Tennessee – A Distressful Panic comes to a Relief

In what seems to a huge relief for Chattanoogans, the Chattanooga Police Department reported early Monday morning on April 15th that 13-year-old Keidy Lopez-Perez, who went missing on April 12th, has been found safe and sound. The news has brought both relief to the family and the community who have been in extreme distress since the teen’s disappearance.

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The Dramatic Turnaround

Keidy’s disappearance triggered a three-day rigorous and intensive investigation, during which tidbits of troubling information surfaced. According to Chattanooga Police Department, the young girl was last seen at her home in Chattanooga. When her father returned home, he discovered that Keeidy was missing along with a bag of clothes.

Keidy’s sudden disappearance raised several eyebrows because of her tender age, sparking fears of potential foul play.

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An Appeal to the Public

In the wake of her disappearance, the Chattanooga Police Department publicly appealed for help. Anyone seeing her or knowing about her whereabouts was earnestly asked to inform them. The local community was requested to share her picture and description among their networks and to contact the police with any information that could lead to her recovery.

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A Fortunate Conclusion

Luckily, the community’s combined efforts with the local police’s intensive search led to a successful conclusion. Early Monday morning, Chattanooga Police happily announced that Keidy Lopez-Perez had been discovered safe and sound.A wave of relief swept over the community, who had been holding their collective breath over the teen’s fate.

The police department didn’t confide much about the details regarding Keidy’s discovery, but they confirmed that she was found safe. The family and the local community expressed immense gratitude towards everyone who assisted in any way to bring Keidy back home.

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