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EPB Adjusts Operating Hours at Chattanooga Branches

Chattanooga branch schedule change


EPB to Confine Hours of Operation in Chattanooga Branches

In a recent development, EPB has confirmed that it will limit operating hours at its Chattanooga branches by 11.5 hours per week, effective from Monday next week. This decision comes in response to the decline of in-person visits and bill payments, coupled with the preparation to facilitate more cloud-based payment options through additional retail stores.

A Shift in User Behaviour

According to Ryan Keel, president of EPB Energy and Communications, fewer utility customers opt to pay their bills in person, prompting the need for adjusted hours of operation. The Hixson and East Brainerd offices of EPB will now open an hour later and close half an hour earlier on weekdays. It’s also worth noting that the offices will no longer be working on Saturdays following this week.

EPB Customer Service Availability

EPB customers can still interact with utility representatives and pay bills in person from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., from Monday to Friday. However, the downtown office, whose lobby had been closed amid the pandemic, remains closed to public access.

For customers who prefer in-person bill payments, EPB spokesperson Sophie Moore informed that bills can still be paid in person at First Horizon Bank offices. She also hinted at plans to expand in-person billing options to other retail outlets through a new payment processing service.

More Convenience, Fewer In-Person Visits

The decrease in in-person visits to the utility’s branches has been observed over recent years, increasingly so during the pandemic. As more customers switch to online and automated methods, businesses like EPB are reshaping their operations to align with changing customer behavior.

Online utilities management and bill payments are on the rise given their convenience and easy access. The utility company expects its move to offer more cloud-based bill payment options to contribute towards facilitating seamless customer service in an increasingly digitalized society.

While the changes entail a potential inconvenience for customers unused to online transactions, it signifies a shuttering era for traditional utility services. Nonetheless, with EPB’s intention of implementing a new payment processing service, it seems customers can look forward to more flexible in-person bill payment options in the future.

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