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EPB Warns Customers of Spam Calls Threatening Power Cutoffs

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EPB Warns Customers of Spam Calls Threatening Power Cutoffs

Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga’s local power company, EPB, issued an urgent warning to customers over the weekend regarding a surge in spam calls. EPB customers have reported receiving phone calls threatening power cutoffs from fraudulent sources claiming to be EPB representatives.

Reports of Fake EPB Calls Scamming Consumers

The spam phone calls reported demand immediate payments from customers, threatening to cut off their power service if the payment is not made promptly. This alarming scare tactic has caused many residents to fall prey to scams that could potentially access their bank records.

In a statement made by EPB Vice President J. Ed. Marston, it was explicitly stated that the company does not alert customers of any impending power disconnections via phone. “EPB never calls customers demanding immediate payment over the phone,” Marston affirmed.

Warning from Better Business Bureau

This widespread scam has provoked warnings not only from EPB but from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well. The BBB has urged local residents to be cautious of fake calls from process servers, which are increasing in frequency.

EPB’s advice to its customers

EPB advises its customers to be skeptical of any threatening phone calls or calls from individuals claiming they are owed a refund and requesting credit card information. “If EPB owes a customer a refund, EPB would credit their account or issue a refund check without the need to ask for their credit card information,” the statement read.

The aim of EPB is to educate its customers about the threat and empower them with the information they need to avoid falling victim to these malicious scams. EPB is also encouraging customers who receive such calls to contact their local law enforcement agencies and provide as much information as possible about the calls. Fighting back against this threat is a joint effort, and with customer cooperation, the impact of these scams can be significantly reduced.

In these uncertain times, the protection and comfort of Chattanooga residents are paramount. As the city’s utility service provider, EPB remains committed to the safety and security of its customers. By maintaining an open line of communication, and encouraging customers to practice diligence and awareness, EPB is striving to safeguard individuals from scams and fraudulent activity.

Customer service continues to be EPB’s top priority, and consumers can trust that the organization is taking steps to address this issue. As they continue to monitor the situation, residents are reminded to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly.

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