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Experience the Charm of Chattanooga Week with Peach and Blueberry Festivals, Literary Ink, and More

Southern-inspired festival scenes.

Experience the Charm of Chattanooga Week with Peach and Blueberry Festivals, Literary Ink, and More

Chattanooga, TN – 8th July 2024 – This week, the Chattanooga area is abuzz with excitement as residents and tourists anticipate the multifaceted array of events scheduled, including the annual Peach and Blueberry Festivals as well as the much-anticipated, Literature-themed tattoo convention, Literary Ink. Special attractions, contests, live music performances, and an artful amalgamation of creative endeavours make up this vibrant week.

Chattanooga’s GreenSpaces promotes Plastic Free July

To begin with, let’s take a peek at what’s good to know, especially during this time of the year. Chattanooga’s GreenSpaces is spreading awareness on the importance of minimizing single-use plastic waste. In line with the global movement towards a Plastic Free July, they suggest incorporating practical steps such as carrying reusable containers and seeking plastic-free alternatives in daily routines. The website offers more suggestions and a Pesky Plastics Quiz to help individuals become more aware of how plastics infiltrate our shopping lists, homes and then nature.

As part of the local commitment towards environmental sustainability, it’s also important to remember that Chattanoogans participate in Hefty EnergyBag, a program that separates certain hard-to-recycle plastics from regular plastic recycling.

Peach and Blueberry Festivals: A Taste of Summer

Moving onto the season’s fruity goodness, this year’s Peach Festival is scheduled for July 7 at the First Horizon Pavilion, followed by the aromatic Blueberry Festival at Blueberry Falls Farm, Mentone, AL on July 13. Both festivals promise a delightful experience with an array of locally grown, mouthwatering peaches and refreshing blueberries, food trucks, craft vendors, live music, and fun activities for the children, thereby making it a perfect family day out.

Literary Ink – Tattoos with a Twist

Adding a unique spin to the week’s events, Chattanooga welcomes back the Literature-themed tattoo convention, Literary Ink from July 12 to14 at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Book enthusiasts and tattoo lovers alike will come together to celebrate their passions, with an option to reflect their favorite literary pieces as a permanent mark on their bodies. The convention provides a platform where art, literature, and tattoos intersect among cosplay activities.

Wrapping up the Week

The week is rounded out with a diverse mix of events like the Bike Night at Jimmy Simpson Foundation’s Safehaven, featuring live music and brain injury support information. The Chattanooga Market presents Top Tomato on July 14, featuring a Bloody Mary tasting session, and fresh farm produce showcasing the best of summer’s bounty. Chattanooga’s Pink Bridal Show at the Convention Center takes place on July 14, offering future brides and grooms a one-stop-shop for all their wedding planning needs.

From ardent readers to nature conservationists, food lovers, and engaged couples, the Chattanooga area appears ready to cater to inhabitants and visitors with an assortment of interests. This week is indeed a testament to the city’s thriving sense of community, art, and celebration.

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