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Día del Niño: A Fiesta For Families In East Lake Chattanooga

Colorful family fiesta celebration.

Día del Niño: A Fiesta For Families In East Lake Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN – This weekend, Chattanooga gets prepared to host an occasion brimmed with joy and spirit. The community arts organization in the East Lake neighborhood – ELLA Library, in partnership with the local nonprofit Culture Chatt, have come together to host the enthralling family-friendly event – ‘Día del Niño’.

Event Details

The exciting event is slated to mark its beginning at noon on Saturday at East Lake Park, located at 3000 34th Street. The Fiesta is not just an event; it is an assertion of rich cultural heritage and communal harmony, giving families an opportunity to blend and immerse in the multicolor tapestry of celebrations. The day promises to strive beyond cultural boundaries, fostering a sense of unity and acceptance among all participants.

Organizers Speak

Jazmine LeBlanc and Jaime Kerns, the breakthrough women behind these organizations, have expressed immense excitement as well as anticipation for the event. They believe, ‘Día del Niño’, marking the day of the child, is not merely a celebration but a bow to the innocence, creativity, and unbound possibilities of childhood. It presents an opportunity to foster a sense of community joy, understanding, and cultural diversity.

Safety Measures

While children’s smiles are among top priorities, the organizers ensure to emphasize the safety protocols in the light of the recent pandemic. The event is organized under compliance with conducting outdoor public gatherings, reassuring participant’s health and safety calls for utmost concern.

What to Anticipate?

‘Día del Niño’, being a family-centric event, promises to be eventful with a host of activities planned. The event boasts of fun-filled games, a string of engaging activities, and also a variety of food and merchandising stalls exhibiting and selling fascinating products.

Participation Calls

The organizers have expressed their invitations to all the families in Chattanooga and beyond, encouraging one and all to be part of this splendid occasion. In the words of the organizers, “The ‘Día del Niño’ doesn’t attribute its name to a single child. It denotes the spirit of every child that resides in the heart of any person, regardless of their age. Therefore, this day belongs to everyone!”.

Embrace the Joy

Get ready to immerse in a vivid spectrum of cultures, relish the festival ambiance, and create unforgettable memories with loved ones in the heart of Chattanooga. After all, a day dedicated to the spirit of childhood promises nothing short of joy, laughter, and whole lot of fun!

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