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Fire at Chattanooga Community Center Currently Under Investigation

Burning building investigation scene.

Fire at Chattanooga Community Center Currently Under Investigation

Chattanooga, a community center’s fire is current under the microscope following an incident that took place on Saturday evening. The Chattanooga Fire Department (CFD) reports that the fire broke out in the old James A. Henry Elementary School, located at 1221 Grove Street, now operated by the Chattanooga Housing Authority.

Limited Smoke Initially Observed

The call came in, and the CFD swiftly deployed units to the scene. Upon arrival, firefighters noted light smoke gently seeping from a side door in the building. However, as they made their way closer and opened the building’s main door, the once limited smoke became significantly dense.

Fire Origination in Door Frame

Braving their way through the heavy smoke, the crews discovered the fire’s origin. The blaze was traced to the old wooden ornate trim around one of the door frames. The firefighters moved methodically and with precision, removing and extinguishing all the exterior trim that the flames had engulfed. Considering the potential build-up of smoke and affecting oxygen levels, the entire building was ventilated to ensure safe conditions for the Community Center staff and the fire crew on the scene.

Prompt Initiatives by Chattanooga Fire Department

The CFD’s quick response and thorough investigation were crucial in identifying the fire’s source and acting accordingly. The swift removal and extinguishing of the ignited trim significantly mitigated the potential for a more devastating structure fire. The prompt ventilation of the entire building aimed to restore safe oxygen levels, crucial for the safety of all present during and after the incident.

Cause of Fire Under Investigation

The fire’s exact cause remains undisclosed as it is currently under investigation. Although the initial evaluation points to the building’s old wooden ornate door frame as the area of origin, the CFD has yet to confirm the exact ignition source and the contributing factors to the fire. This incident brings forth the importance of regular maintenance and timely repair of such historical buildings, which often contain old materials more susceptible to fire incidents.

As the investigation proceeds, any updates will be communicated responsibly in a timely manner to ensure that the community is informed. All staff working within the community center and local residents are encouraged to remain patient and cooperate wholeheartedly with the officials.

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