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Get Free Trees in Chattanooga at Free Tree ReLeaf Event

Community tree planting event

Get Free Trees in Chattanooga at ‘Free Tree ReLeaf’ Event

Offering Local Residents the Chance to “Go Green”

Starting this Saturday, as many as one thousand residents in the service area of Chattanooga will have an opportunity to fetch two free trees or shrubs for their homes, courtesy of EPB. The initiative is arranged as part of the “Spring Free Tree ReLeaf” event that has been devised to further enhance Chattanooga’s ecology, reduce stormwater damage, and increase strategic tree plantation that can help in curtailing power outages.

The Location and Availability of Plants

The plant giveaway will transpire at the Native Plant Nursery situated within the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center which is located at 400 Garden Road, Chattanooga. Launching on Saturday, March 23, the event will continue while supplies last, with the Reflection Riding being open from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., Thursday to Saturday. HERE News has the detailed information of the plants that will be available at the event. The entire activity is being facilitated by EPB, Reflection Riding, and the City of Chattanooga.

Eligibility and Requirements

In order to qualify for the free plants, customers will be required to furnish their address to ascertain if they lie within EPB’s covered territory. The laudable initiative of introducing native plants into homes not only supports local environment but is also a sustainable and cost-effective solution as highlighted by Mark McKnight, President and CEO of Reflection Riding. He further added that their Native Plant Nursery’s expertise would guide the customers in choosing plants that would be most suitable for their property so that they could derive enjoyment for years to come.

Origins and Impact of the Initiation

The “Free Tree ReLeaf” event was conceived in the aftermath of the devastating Easter tornadoes of 2020 and in 2022, EPB joined the effort extending eligibility to their customer base. Proponents of this initiative believe that planting native species helps decrease stormwater runoff and fosters flourishing ecosystems. Integrating more trees can also minimize the risks of flooding, enrich water and air quality and support local wildlife, including birds and insects such as butterflies. Additionally, these native plants necessitate less maintenance and water, making them an easy and eco- friendly addition to one’s property.

Contributing towards a Greener Chattanooga

As per HERE News, the free trees still standby for Chattanooga residents to carry home and plant a part of their city’s future. Embracing this green initiative not only symbolizes a step towards a robust local ecosystem but is also a stride towards a healthier, more sustainable and united community. Everyone is invited to make the most of this opportunity and contribute to creating a greener Chattanooga each in their own little ways.

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