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Freedom Sings LIVE Concert Event at Wanderlinger to Benefit Veterans

Patriotic crowd at concert.

“Freedom Sings LIVE” Concert Event at Wanderlinger to Benefit Veterans

Brewing Company Hosts Special Event to Boost Music-Arts Therapy Programs for Veterans

In a heartfelt gesture of support for US Veterans, the Chattanooga-based Wanderlinger Brewing Company is organizing a special music event dubbed “Freedom Sings LIVE.” The event, scheduled to take place from 7 PM to 11 PM on Friday, July 19, is designed to raise funds for music-arts therapy programs that cater to veterans.

A Festival of Music

The night promises an unforgettable experience of live music performances by an impressive lineup of local artists. The concert roster includes names such as Lew Card, The Essentials, Rosewood Grips, Gino Fanelli, Rick Rushing, and Josh Wheeler among others. Attendees will get to enjoy a great mix of classic cover songs as well as original compositions from these enthusiastic performers. Furthermore, the stage will also welcome military and veteran musicians who will add their unique performances to the mix, highlighting the resilience of our service members in an inspiring musical ensemble.

A Celebration of Community Support

Joyfully supported by The Lyndhurst Foundation and the Robert Finley Stone Foundation in collaboration with Freedom Sings USA, this project seeks to foster and support the local music scene while also promoting music-arts programs specifically developed for veterans. Donations and contributions raised during the event will directly benefit veterans, fueling programs designed to aid their overall well-being.

Bobbie Allison-Standefer, Freedom Sings USA co-founder, expresses her excitement for the concert as more than just a musical gathering. “Freedom Sings LIVE is not just a concert, it’s a celebration of our community’s support for Veterans through the power of music,” she shares with HERE News Network.

Attend the Event

For more information about the event, community members are encouraged to visit the event page at . Be a part of this enriching experience at the Wanderlinger Brewing Company, located at 1208 King St, Chattanooga, on Friday, July 19th from 7 PM to 11 PM. Be a part of the love and appreciation for those who have served our country and enjoy a night of music under the starlight.

As the popular saying goes, music has a unique healing power – the “Freedom Sings LIVE” event aims to harness this power to benefit our esteemed veterans while offering music enthusiasts a night filled with soulful performances and joyous camaraderie.

Don’t just witness — Let’s Celebrate!

So pack a picnic, gather your friends, and let’s raise a glass to our brave veterans while enjoying a night of unforgettable music at the “Freedom Sings LIVE” event. We guarantee you a night filled with music, togetherness and the feeling of doing something great for these honorable men and women. This occasion is a testament to the strength of our veterans and the power of community support. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!

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