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Friends House Ministries in Chattanooga Hosts Golf Fundraiser for Sober Living Homes

"Friends Golf Fundraiser Event"

Friends House Ministries in Chattanooga Hosts Golf Fundraiser for Sober Living Homes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The vibrant city of Chattanooga, known for its rich history and vibrant arts scene, is about to witness a great fusion of sports and charity. Friends House Ministries, a remarkable organization in the city, will hold a golf tournament on July 29. The fundraiser, taking place at the prestigious WindStone Golf Club, is in support of the organization’s sober living homes.

About Friends House Ministries

Friends House Ministries is steadfast in its mission to help struggling individuals transition to a life of sobriety. It operates four sober living homes in the Chattanooga area, one of which is exclusively dedicated to facilitating the recovery of Veterans. The organization provides its residents with the tools and support necessary to grow, learn, and become self-sufficient while undergoing their journey to sobriety.

Sober Living Homes: A Necessity for Many

Sober living homes, like the ones run by Friends House Ministries, provide a critical stepping stone for individuals in recovery. Having a stable, drug-free environment can significantly improve the chances of an individual maintaining a sober lifestyle. For many, these homes serve as their first solid foundation in the community after undergoing rehab or battling an addiction.

Golf Tournament: A Fun Day for a Serious Cause

To continue providing vital services and expand their reach, Friends House Ministries will host a golf tournament fundraiser. Set to take place at the esteemed WindStone Golf Club on July 29, the tournament aims to raise funds and awareness for the sober living homes. The event promises a fun-filled day of friendly competition, all while making a significant impact on serious societal issues.

Invitation to Support

Monty Reeves, a prominent representative of the organization, urges community members, business owners, and advocates for sober living to contribute by either participating in the tournament or making monetary donations. “Every little bit of assistance we receive helps us to further our mission of aiding individuals battling addiction,” he explained. More detailed information about the event is available on Friends House Ministries’ Facebook page.


By orchestrating a fundraiser that aligns well with Chattanooga’s love for outdoor activities, Friends House Ministries hopes to raise adequate funds and generate more awareness for sober living homes. These institutions are invaluable in the overall rehab process, providing those in recovery with a safe and supportive environment in which they can concentrate on rebuilding their lives.

Any person or organization interested in supporting the cause can visit the Friends House Ministries Facebook page or call the organization directly for additional information about ways to contribute. The charity golf tournament is yet another example of Chattanooga’s community spirit and shared dedication to addressing societal issues at their roots.

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