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The City of Chattanooga Welcomes Urban Design Expert Gil Penalosa

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The City of Chattanooga Welcomes Urban Design Expert Gil Penalosa

Gil Penalosa: A Global Leader in Urban Design

This month, the city of Chattanooga is excited to welcome Gil Penalosa, a renowned urban design expert, as a speaker at the upcoming CIVIQ event presented by Chattanooga Design Studio. Gil is the founder and chair of 8 80 Cities, a Canadian nonprofit dedicated to creating vibrant and healthy communities for people of all ages and abilities.

Transforming Public Spaces Around the World

Gil Penalosa is recognized for his transformative work in cities worldwide, including Bogotá, Colombia, where he led the design and construction of over 200 parks. He is also credited with turning the Ciclovia/Open Streets program in Bogotá into a global model for cities looking to promote active transportation and community engagement.

Championing “8 80 Cities for Everyone”

During his career, Gil has been a strong advocate for creating public spaces that are accessible and inclusive for all members of the community. His vision of “8 80 Cities for Everyone” highlights the importance of designing urban environments that cater to the needs of both children and older adults, ensuring that cities are livable and enjoyable for people of all generations.

Speaking Engagement at CIVIQ

Gil Penalosa will be sharing his insights and expertise at the upcoming CIVIQ event in Chattanooga, where he will discuss the principles of 8 80 Cities and the impact of urban design on community well-being. The event, hosted by Chattanooga Design Studio, will take place on Thursday at the downtown Chattanooga Public Library, starting at 5:30 PM.

Partnership with Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors

In collaboration with Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors, the Chattanooga Design Studio is thrilled to bring Gil Penalosa to the city to inspire local leaders, planners, and community members to rethink the way public spaces are designed and utilized. By leveraging Gil’s expertise, Chattanooga aims to foster a more sustainable and inclusive urban environment for all residents.


Gil Penalosa’s visit to Chattanooga represents a unique opportunity for the city to learn from a global leader in urban design and community development. His advocacy for creating cities that prioritize the well-being and happiness of their residents aligns with Chattanooga’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and welcoming community for all. Don’t miss the chance to hear Gil speak at CIVIQ and be inspired to transform your city for the better.

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