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Gold Point Marina Scrambles to Repair Dock Damaged by Storm in Chattanooga

Marina dock repair progress.

Gold Point Marina Scrambles to Repair Dock Damaged by Storm in Chattanooga

Trails of damage linger on both land and water after a powerful storm swept through Chattanooga, Tennessee. The thunderstorm’s destructive path has left the Gold Point Marina in scrambling mode to address significant damage to one of its docks.

Unprecedented Damage to Dock

According to Melanie Maxwell of Erwin Marine Sales Management, while storms have resulted in the loss of trees in the past, this is a first for dock damage. “We’ve never had a dock over here impacted,” she said.

The dock in question houses some of the marina’s largest vessels. The task of finding safe anchorage for them while repairs ensue has proven challenging. Alongside the dock damage, the storm also resulted in a sudden rise in water levels due to significant rainfall, leading to a substantial amount of debris in the water.

A Night to Remember for Boaters

Chilling accounts come from boaters who were on board their vessels during the storm. One of them, Teresa Jack Pangle, recalls, “We were asleep on the boat. It happened about ten minutes until six [o’clock].” She woke up to find their boat already detached from the dock. Luckily, Pangle and her companions managed to meet up with their friends who had had similar experiences. Although shaken, everyone was safe.

To everyone’s relief, despite the severity of the storm, only a single boat in the entire marina sustained damage.

Cleanup and Repair Plans

Currently, efforts are ongoing to reconstruct the damaged dock. “We’re having to have the parts manufactured to replace all of those components that were damaged. So that in itself is going to take, you know, best case scenario a few weeks or so,” explained Maxwell.

Fortunately, the cost of the repairs is covered by insurance, ensuring that neither boat owners nor the marina will bear the financial burden. Amid the cleanup and repair efforts, the marina continues its usual operations, cautioning boaters and visitors to steer clear of the construction area for safety purposes.

Maxwell expressed her gratitude for the understanding and cooperation exhibited by everyone involved. She noted, “They are completely aware of the fact that we can’t control Mother Nature. We can try to clean up the aftermath.”

A Test of Resilience

The storm certainly tested both the physical infrastructure at Gold Point Marina and the resilience of its community. However, in the face of adversity, the marina and its boaters have shown strength and cooperation. As they await the completion of the repair work on the dock, they continue to navigate the waters of recovery, demonstrating the spirit of unity in Chattanooga.

Evoking Silver Linings Amidst The Storm

Despite the unprecedented damage this storm dished out to the Gold Point Marina, their swift response and resilience cannot be understated. While storms would damage and disrupt, the unity and appropriate response can indeed make a gold point amidst turbulent tides.

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