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GPS Unveils New Sculpture, Emerging: A Tribute to Literacy Legacy

"Book and GPS intertwined."

GPS Unveils New Sculpture, “Emerging”

Chattanooga, TN: For The Love Of Literacy And A Grandmother’s Legacy

The administrative team of a local premier girls’ preparatory school, GPS, recently opened to the public a new sculpture named “Emerging”. The establishment of the statue is a celebration of the legacy of former GPS Librarian Betty Brown Bridge, a dear family member of the donors, and the love for quality education she has instilled over the years.

A Grandmother’s Love for Knowledge Eternized

As granddaughter Charlotte Bridge Patrick ’62 tells it, it was an unexpected series of events that led to the sculpture’s conception. The intriguing tale began when her sister, Margaret Caldwell ’91, decided to move back to Chattanooga from California along with her family. Margaret’s decision to relocate and the prospect of her daughter, who’s also named Charlotte and would become a GPS student fascinated Charlotte and her husband, Tom. The prospects reminded them of the long gone but never forgotten Betty Brown Bridge’s dedication to GPS from 1953-1975 and her passion for a solid education.

The Ingenious Idea of a Sculpture

The thought of a next-generation GPS girl triggered an idea in Tom and Charlotte – a sculpture to honor their beloved mother. They coupled their wishes with the artistic abilities of structural engineer Chris Grubb who discovered a passion for sculpture in 2019. “When your kids leave, you have a lot of time on your hands. So, this is a new iteration of myself. It’s become a passion. It’s very akin to my technical career. It’s mathematical, proportional, biological.” Chris ruminates.

A Monumental Celebration Of GPS Girls

The sculpture portrays a girl sitting on a bench with a copy of Little Women in her hands, in direct reference to Betty’s career as a librarian. The process to create this piece of art lasted close to a year and involved more than 680+hour of work. The model for the sculpture was the future bruise and fourth-generation GPS girl, Charlotte Caldwell ’28. Although the sculpture resembles young Charlotte, the intention was for it to symbolize all GPS girls.

“Yes, it’s in honor of my grandmother, but it’s also a gift to the school and the girls. We hope they see themselves in it, too,” explains Margaret. The sculpture was aptly named “Emerging” to reflect the development process of each GPS student molding from an innocent young girl to a self-secure and confident woman.

Unveiling a Masterpiece

The sculpture was transported from Idaho, where Chris resides, to the campus in Chattanooga. In the presence of around a hundred spectators, the statue was officially unveiled in a touching ceremony. From then on, the exquisite sculpture became a symbol of a legacy to behold at the GPS’s campus. When asked why they wanted to give back to GPS, Charlotte said, “GPS has been a part of our lives, and we wanted to give something back that we received…we wanted to honor our mother and all she did for us.”

Indeed, what a beautiful way to honor the dedication of their late mother and grandmother, besides contributing to the school’s environment and serving as an inspiration for every student that walks through the GPS corridors.

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