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Gumption: A New Age Digital Matchmaker in the Commercial Real Estate Market

Digital real estate matchmaking.

Gumption: A New Age Digital Matchmaker in the Commercial Real Estate Market

Developers in the realm of commercial real estate often face challenges when searching for the best financing options for their projects. Gumption, a start-up poised on revolutionizing the industry, is set to break new ground in this area.

About Gumption

This Chattanooga startup is an online marketplace that seamlessly connects potential borrowers to lenders, offering a comprehensive range of services that makes the process more efficient. Gumption focuses on amalgamating diverse financing options, a task traditionally intricate and daunting for developers.

Sectoral Expansion

For the time being, Gumption is streamlining financing options in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. However, it has expressed intentions to expand beyond these territories and explore more states in the Southeast of the United States. In doing so, Gumption will certainly become a powerful tool for stakeholders in the commercial real estate industry, making the arduous task of securing financing significantly more manageable.

A Chat with Jon Dickerson

In an insightful conversation earlier this spring, Jon Dickerson, the co-founder of Gumption, shared the company’s vision and future plans. He spoke at length about the vast potential and robust growth trajectory the innovative platform has been demonstrating since its inception.

Dickerson also emphasized the unique value proposition that this financial matchmaker offers to developers, pinning its significance in enabling the progress of numerous real estate projects that would otherwise be hindered by a lack of adequate financing.

The Way Forward

In the coming years, Gumption plans to expand its industry reach and significantly develop its capabilities, with initiatives likely to include diversifying its portfolio of lender options and refining its current system for improved efficiency. As such, the firm remains undeterred in its mission to transform the commercial real estate industry and reaffirms its commitment to borrowers and lenders.


Gumption is poised to create a significant imprint in this space through its innovative approach to financing and commitment to its mission. To keep up with their progressive journey, tune in with HERE News Network to stay informed.

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