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Four Hamilton County Businesses Kickstart New Youth Apprenticeship Programs

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Four Hamilton County Businesses Kickstart New Youth Apprenticeship Programs

Hamilton County, TN – Here’s an exciting development for the young talent in and around Hamilton County – four key businesses are starting new apprenticeship programs. These businesses, namely AlloHire, Electric Power Board (EPB), Tiny Tigers Learning Center, and AHS Consulting, have each received $10,000 in grant money to launch their programs, targeting youths between 16 and 24.

New Avenues for Future Talent

The news broke out during a panel discussion at the Construction Career Center on Monday, May 6, 2024, with key stakeholders discoursing on the importance of grooming youthful talent for the industry. A key participant and AlloHire’s founder, Hudson Brock, underscored the crucial role such initiatives play in shaping the future workforce.

Three years ago, Brock created his firm, AlloHire, to help Chattanooga firms find tech talent. With this new program in place, AlloHire will now be engaging in helping foster young talent in the region.

Addressing the gathering at the Construction Career Center, he shared how he owed his entrepreneurial journey to his apprenticeship experiences with local businesses in his youth. He emphasized how talent development initiatives have become even more crucial today, given the tumultuous workforce trends observed in recent years. He said, “We’ve had a front row seat to the absolute roller coaster over the past four years in terms of employment.”

Guiding Young Talent in Uncertain Times

Brock touched upon the recent workforce trends such as the COVID pandemic, the spike in unemployment, the significant rehire phase, and most recently, the “great resignation.” These dynamics have underscored the urgent need for more active engagement in youth development and training. He stressed, “I think now it’s just this moment in time where we can come alongside and educate on the importance of developing young talent for retention.”

For instance, the Tiny Tigers Learning Center, a vital part of these four businesses to receive the grant, specializes in early childhood education. With this newly acquired funding, it will not only create awareness about this unique profession but also mentor aspiring childcare professionals.

EPB, or the Electric Power Board, another recipient, is not new to aiding youth training and development. Their wide variety of technical paths and hands-on instructional courses led to them being an ideal candidate for this initiative.

AHS Consulting, a rising name offering specialized technology solutions, also made it to the list. Their role in the tech industry in Hamilton County remains crucial, especially in terms of their contribution towards incubating young tech talent.

Time will reveal the impact of these initiatives towards developing a more vibrant, skilled and resilient workforce in Hamilton County. What’s evident, nonetheless, is the growing enthusiasm around fostering young talent through structured programs and the broadening perspective around youth apprenticeships.

For the young dwellers of Hamilton County, the message is clear – if you have the passion, the county has the programs ready to groom your future.

Source: HERE News Network

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