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What’s Right With Our Schools: Hamilton County Virtual Schools

"Virtual classroom collaboration"

What’s Right With Our Schools: Hamilton County Virtual Schools

In Hamilton County, Tennessee, a phenomenal initiative is transforming the way students learn and schools operate. During the pandemic, most parents grappled with the reality of virtual schooling. However, for some students, the virtual environment continues to offer the best setting for their education. Hamilton County has introduced a program that supports these learners to ensure they can study at their own pace in a comfortable environment.

Hamilton County’s Asynchronous Virtual School

Lee Boles, the coordinator for the Hamilton County Virtual School, shared exciting details about the program, which currently serves approximately 300 students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Boles emphasized the flexibility that the asynchronous learning model provides, with classes available around the clock, seven days a week.

“Our classes are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Boles explained. “We do have state certified teachers who provide instruction and tutoring resources through Zoom meetings. Furthermore, our students are eligible to play sports at their zoned in-person schools, and we also run in-person science labs on Wednesday.”

Teachers Adjusting to the Virtual Classroom

Virtual School teacher Kamie McAnulty, reflects on how her role has evolved in the face of these changes. “So, my role as a teacher has changed. But I’m still there for my students so I facilitate through, but they can email me with questions. We have live zooms. I’m there every step of the way.”

Student Experiences and Advantages to Virtual School

Students enrolled in Hamilton County’s virtual school program treasure the flexibility and freedom the learning model offers. Virtual School student Naomi Dominguez expressed her contentment with the program, stating, “I really enjoy the freedom that is given to us as students, we’re not treated like we are in in-person schools.”

Other students, like Emma Green who is also engaged in drag racing, say the virtual model allows them more leeway to balance academics with their interests. “I can take it with me instead of having to be at school and not being able to race,” Green shares.

Addressing Academic Stress through Virtual School

Landon Thomas, another student of the program, asserts that the flexibility of the virtual setting enables better management of academic stress and anxiety. “It’s easier to… maintain your anxiety and stress if you’re in virtual.”

Expanded Opportunities with Hamilton County Virtual School

Apart from regular schooling, Hamilton County Virtual School also provides dual enrollment options through Chattanooga State. Students interested in applying to the virtual school must complete the Hamilton County school choice application and a commitment form.

Lee Boles emphasized the commitment to providing comprehensive and flexible education options best suited to today’s learners – a prime example of what’s right with our schools.

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