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Hamilton County’s High-Speed Chase Results in Woman’s Arrest After Two Pursuits

Police arresting female suspect

Hamilton County’s High-Speed Chase Results in Woman’s Arrest After Two Pursuits

In a recent development, a woman has been apprehended after two pursuits by local deputies in Hamilton County. Kaitlyn Ezell, a 36-year-old resident of Chattanooga, is facing several charges related to reckless endangerment and evasion, along with driving on a suspended license for past DUI conviction.

Pursuit Begins: Monday, May 20

The incident started on May 20 when sheriff’s deputies tried to pull over a Nissan Sentra on Standifer Gap Road. Kaitlyn Elizabeth Ezell, the driver, is reported to have fled the scene, leading deputies on a daring chase through a construction zone. According to local law enforcement, Ezell’s actions were deemed particularly hazardous due to the presence of construction workers and ongoing work in the area.

Caught on Camera: Wednesday, May 29

Almost a week after the initial pursuit, the same deputy sighted Ezell and her car in the 8200 block of Apison Pike. In lieu of slipping away unnoticed, she once again fled from the authorities when they tried to approach her. The ensuing chase extended onto I-75, before ending near the Shallowford Road Exit.

Ezell Apprehended

Kaitlyn Ezell was subsequently taken into custody and transported to the Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center. Her charges, which add onto her previous warrants, include Reckless Endangerment, Felony Evading, and Driving on a Revoked License for DUI. The reckless endangerment and evasion charges are serious felony offenses that carry hefty penalties upon conviction.

A Warning to the Public

This incident serves as a stark reminder for all the motorists of the importance of adhering to traffic laws for the safety of all road users. It further illustrates the strong commitment of the local law enforcement in tracking down and apprehending suspects, even after multiple pursuits.

Local Community’s Response

The local community has responded to this incident with both relief at the successful arrest, and concern about the legal processes facing Ezell. The case is developing and further updates will be released to the public through HERE News Network as they become available.

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