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HCSO Involved in Three Pursuits over Weekend

High-speed car chase.

HCSO Involved in Three Pursuits over Weekend

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The recent weekend was an eventful one for the deputies of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), as they found themselves involved in three separate pursuits throughout different locales within Chattanooga city.

Pursuit Number One

In the first of the pursuits which unfolded in the late afternoon hours of Saturday, May 18, deputies tried to halt a silver Chevrolet Impala after noticing several traffic offenses on Rossville Boulevard. The driver, identified as 31-year-old Malcolm Twilley, attempted to evade law enforcement officials, streaking into Walker County in Georgia.

Twilley’s flight ended involuntarily when he lost control of his car, resulting in the vehicle skidding into a ditch. The suspect further attempted to escape on foot, but was tased and arrested promptly. Twilley was later found to have two bags of Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, in his possession, along with a set of digital scales, discovered near the passenger window of his car.

Further investigation revealed that not only did Twilley possess a suspended Tennessee driver’s license, but also had active arrest warrants from Hamilton County for Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of a Firearm with the Intent to go Armed. Amidst the various traffic-related charges he faces, Twilley is also apprehended for driving under the influence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pursuit Number Two

The second chase emerged later that evening, involving a stolen 2006 Land Rover that had made contact with the patrol unit of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. As the vehicle crossed into Chattanooga and Hamilton County, the pursuit was intercepted on 23rd Street by HCSO Patrol Lieutenant Eliott Mahaffey. The chase ended near the I-24 overpass on Rossville Boulevard where Lt. Mahaffey executed a successful PIT maneuver.

The suspect, later identified as 29-year-old Lyric Cruz, resisted arrest. Despite two attempts to tase him, Cruz managed to dart across Rossville Boulevard, aiming to hit Lt. Mahaffey with his pocketbook before eventually being apprehended. Within the handbag, deputies discovered a small plastic bag of methamphetamine and a large folding knife.

Cruz, who also had two active warrants under the alias Marcus Rivers for Evading Arrest and Reckless Aggravated Assault through Marion County, Tennessee, confessed to using methamphetamine before driving. He faces various new charges in Hamilton County including Assault on First Responder, and theft of property over $2,500. A concurrent investigation by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office is also underway to charge Cruz for the crimes committed in their jurisdiction.

Pursuit Number Three

The final pursuit unfolded on Sunday, May 19, when a HCSO deputy observed a group of four off-road vehicles, two four-wheelers and two dirt bikes, driving recklessly. All vehicles attempted to evade law enforcement officials, fleeing in separate directions. One of the four-wheelers was pursued up until the driver lost control and crashed near 50 West 26th Street. Although the driver managed to evade capture, a helmet and a firearm were found nearby with the help of a Chattanooga K-9 Unit.

An ongoing investigation is being carried out to identify the driver of the four-wheeler, and the other individuals involved, based on the evidence collected at the scene.

These weekend pursuits reflect the commitment and relentless efforts of the HCSO to uphold law and order, ensuring the safety of Chattanooga residents.

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