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Mark A. Herndon Broadens the Scope of Chattanooga Live Music Brand

Live music showcase Chattanooga.

Mark A. Herndon Broadens the Scope of Chattanooga Live Music Brand


Chattanooga, TN – Mark A. Herndon, CPG, is broadening the horizons of his renowned Chattanooga Live Music, turning his attention to this venture following his retirement from Cascade Environmental.

About Mark A. Herndon

Herndon is a seasoned professional geologist with over four decades of exploration, mining, geotechnical, and environmental drilling experience. The American Institute of Professional Geologists have recognized Herndon for his 35-year contribution to geology. Moreover, he will continue holding his registered/certified professional geologist status in seven states.

Services at Cascade Environmental

Since 2019, Herndon has been collaborating with Cascade as a Client Service Manager for the Southeast region, where he recently developed a novel client experience team. His dedicated commitment to his clients, active support to Cascade’s operational teams, and his drilling expertise have established his respected standing. Herndon will continue to guide college students pursuing careers in geotechnical, mining, and environmental sectors.

From Geology to Music

Alongside his profession in geology, Herndon is an esteemed professional photographer. With his focus now shifting to his 15-year old venture, Chattanooga Live Music, he aims to create a documentary book featuring photography of entertainers who have performed as part of the Chattanooga Live Music experience over the past 15 years.

Herndon plans to extend his support to local musicians, vocalists, songwriters, music festivals, and music venues as part of his brand expansion. Chattanooga Live Music’s Facebook page boasts a strong follower base of 22,000, and a recently formed CLM Facebook Official Group page. Fans can also follow Chattanooga Live Music updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Chattanooga Live Music and

Herndon will continue to deliver content for Chattanooga’s leading online news and entertainment media outlet at, where he has been a recognized media member for over 15 years. All queries or further information can be directed to


With Herndon’s vision and dedication, the expansion of the Chattanooga Live Music brand stands to further enrich the flourishing music scene of Chattanooga, providing greater support for its growing array of talented musicians and artists.

HERE News Network remains committed to keeping you updated on the unfolding of this compelling transition and the impact on Chattanooga’s music landscape.

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