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Tragic Incidence: Two Hikers Drown After Falling into Creek on Tennessee Trail

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Tragic Incidence: Two Hikers Drown After Falling into Creek on Tennessee Trail

Chattanooga, Tennessee – In a heart-wrenching incidence reported on a Sunday evening, two family members lost their lives after drowning while hiking near a lake in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The tragic event unfolded on the Rainbow Lake Trail and involved a 23-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man who belonged to the same extended family.

Circumstances of the Tragedy

The authorities received distress calls about two individuals mysteriously disappearing underwater on the Rainbow Lake Trail. The Signal Mountain fire and police departments who were called to the site had to hike a mile down the trail for the rescue operation. On reaching the location, they were met by a panicked woman – a third hiker who had been their company at the time of the incident.

The survivor retold the ominous turn of events that led to the unfortunate demise of the duo. She recounted how they had been hiking to a large creek on the trail when the woman, now identified as Greffania Merilus from Cohutta, Georgia, fell into the water while attempting to cross the creek. In a bid to rescue her, Gullson Elve from Birchwood, Tennessee jumped in after her. Unfortunately, he too disappeared underneath.

The Rescue Efforts

Upon learning about the situation, the rescue crew sprung into action. They retrieved Greffania from the creek and exerted massive efforts to revive her but to no avail. Later, they also discovered Gullson’s submerged body.

While their exact kinship is yet unspecified, it is known that Greffania and Gullson were part of the same extended family. The grim incident has left a somber mood in the family and the community.

Seeking Diligence on the Trails

The incident on the Rainbow Lake Trail has cast a somber shadow on the community, raising concerns about safety precautions while hiking nearby bodies of water. Local authorities urge hikers to exercise utmost caution while traversing through perilous terrains and near water bodies. The sequence of this unfortunate event prompts a critical reminder of the unpredictable nature of water, particularly in creeks and streams that may appear harmless but are potential hazards.

In such lamentable times, our thoughts are with the bereaved family. It’s a grim reminder to all outdoor enthusiasts to be careful and to respect the latent danger our beautiful, yet unpredictable, Mother Nature can hold.

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