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Hit and Run Incident Spins Chattanooga Public Works Truck Into Ditch

Damaged public works truck

Hit and Run Incident Spins Chattanooga Public Works Truck Into Ditch

Driver Flees Scene Leaving Injured Public Works Employee Behind

A collision around 8 a.m. last Friday morning propelled a Chattanooga Public Works truck into a ditch on East 37th Street. The other vehicle, a speeding car, dramatically exited the scene, leaving the shaken and bruised Public Works employee to fend for himself.

The Incident

According to a report from the Public Works employee that survived the horrifying experience, the car was speeding along the Chattanooga road when it rear-ended his truck with enough force to spin it out of control. The impact sent the Public Works truck crashing into a nearby ditch, leaving a young, panicked girl who had witnessed the incident from within the car behind, and her driver, vanishing into the distance.

Stunned but Aware

Despite the shocking nature of the hit and run and his minor injuries, the Public Works employee was coherent enough to provide key details of the event. He mentioned that, prior to the impact, he noticed the car traveling at an alarmingly high speed, a possible contributor to the unfortunate event. Upon collision, the car forced his truck off the road, where it spun and eventually landed in a ditch.

Following the collision, the driver of the car hastily departed the scene. Adding to the worrying narrative, the Public Works employee reported spotting a young girl inside the fleeing car. The whereabouts and well-being of the child are presently unknown. Authorities are making efforts to identify and locate the driver of the car and the young girl.

Casualty and Response

The injured employee sustained minor injuries in the collision. First responders quickly arrived on the scene and had him transported to a local hospital via ambulance. Despite the unfortunate incident, reports from the medical facility indicate that he is in stable condition and recovering.

A Call to Action

This hit and run incident raises concerns about traffic safety and driver responsibility on Chattanooga roads. It sheds light on the need for stricter traffic rules and more vigilant law enforcement activities.

The incident is currently under investigation by the local law enforcement agencies. Anyone with information about the hit and run is encouraged to contact the authorities. The investigation aims to bring the driver to justice, ensure the safety of the young girl, and provide closure for the injured Public Works employee.


This unsettling incident, though regrettable, serves as a reminder for all drivers to practice caution and responsibility while on the road. It is a collective effort to ensure our roads are safe for everyone. Those with information relating to the incident are urged to cooperate with the authorities to help deliver justice and closure to the victim of this traumatic experience.

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